I actually started this post months ago, thinking one of the times we talked to our Italian tile guy, we’d remember to ask him if he knows someone who does terrazzo. But we didn’t and he didn’t notice the floor so this post just sat dormant…

But, when “the local” came by recently, he saw the floor and told us that he used to do floors like that AND we could get the materials to do the work ourselves in the next town over! Shock and surprise barely cover my thoughts because when I was trying to research repairing terrazzo floors on the Internet, I found lots of sites explicitly saying DO NOT attempt to repair the floor yourself. So I gave up the thought which I why I figured we should ask our tile guy.

Now “the local” may have higher expectations for us than we are capable of meeting – but I understand how it works and if we can get the supplies, I am rather certain that we can accomplish this ourselves. And to have the floor repaired in the entry way would be really incredible. Unfortunately over the years it’s taken a beating and many of the little stone chips have gone missing here and there. Plus there is a large crack running through the floor which occurred after the PO dug out the basement below the house…but pictures will probably show all of this much better than I can explain it!

So here’s the floor when you are standing at the front door. I really like this star/circle combo because it looks quite a bit like a Texas star…and this design has been here forever so we’re certainly not thinking about taking it out. It actually appears that the terrazzo stretches into the bathroom and overs the entire floor there too. That would be a nightmare to look at with the green tub and everything – but it really is quite something.

Here you can see one of the cracks running through the floor. The orange and red flecks are in good shape but many of the larger black ones seem to be disintegrating which we need to address.

And with the house shifting a little this has caused the edges of the star to separate a bit too.

Here you can see the extension of the crack above which goes through the black border around the main design. This is where the crack is most noticeable. You might have even had trouble finding the crack in the image above but certainly not in this one…

So we would have our work cut out for us with this project but I would love to give it a try. And since everyone online says it can’t be done by a commoner, I will certainly be documenting the process well once we manage to get to it!!