Today was a holiday in Germany so hubby had one last day to enjoy. What better to do than work on the farm? Time is starting to get away with us a bit and we realized over Christmas that we really want and need to take out the old kitchen so we can minimize the trash and dirt later on…and of course I plan on using that room for my future office so it would be nice to move all of that furniture to its final resting place instead of moving it again later on.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s what it looks like in there. So we need to clean everything out, remove all the cabinets on both sides, the shelves above, all the appliances and fixtures, and remove the linoleum as well. Then we can have Macky tile the entire upper portion of the room (the former dining room and kitchen) when he does the stairs and have the painter retexture the walls in there when they do everything else the first week of January.

We’re hoping to get everything out of there as quickly as possible so it should be an action packed day and hopefully we’ll still have a few hours of relaxation left before hubby has to go back to work tomorrow.