You want to live smarter, reducing your dependence on the utility company. You know that you can add devices to your home to save on energy. You just aren’t sure which ones are best and exactly how they help. Here’s a guide on outfitting your outlets and customizing your home for energy savings.

Buy Smart Power Strips

How many of the electronics in your home are energy vampires? MarketWatch suggests that 11 appliances in your home could cost you an extra $250 a year in energy. Your devices demand energy even when you’re not using them. The only way to stop this waste is by preventing energy requests. Your options are to unplug devices from the wall when they’re not in use — an impractical solution — or adding smart power strips.

Regular power strips offer security against power surges. They also add a convenient way to turn off multiple appliances at once. You press the power button on the power strip, and it deactivates all connected appliances. That’s great, but smart power strips are even better. A circuit in the power strip knows when devices go into standby mode, the time when they don’t need energy. This circuit cuts the flow of energy to the device, thereby ending its days as a vampire. You can save a lot on your energy bill by making this one simple change.

Add a Smart Thermostat

Your HVAC unit runs when the thermostat reads that it should. When your setting says 70 degrees, the thermostat activates the HVAC unit if the temperature in your home is too hot or cold. That’s great in theory but imperfect in execution.

When you’re not home, you don’t want your HVAC unit to run. That’s wasted money and energy. Similarly, you may not need a lot of activity from your HVAC unit to keep your house at the correct temperature. Basic thermostats work hard even if you don’t need them to.

A smart thermostat like Google Nest solves this problem. These devices are learning thermostats. They track your home’s temperature throughout the day. The Nest also learns your sleep schedule, identifying the times when your home doesn’t need as much HVAC activity. You will save a lot of money on your energy bill by installing a Google Nest, and it can become profitable after less than two years of operation!


Smart Switches and Outlets

You know the frustrating feeling when you’ve just sat down, only to realize that a light is on in the other room. Do you get up again to turn off the light? For many people, the answer is no. That light wastes energy until the next time the person gets up. You waste energy every time that happens.

Smart switches and outlets prevent this issue. By installing a smart switch, you can turn off any connected light simply by using an app on your smart device. Similarly, you can deactivate an entire outlet with your phone, as long as you’ve added a smart outlet. You’ll never waste money on lights again.


The suggestions listed here are merely the start. By making a few smart purchases, you will save money and waste less energy. It’s a win/win!