Caravan holidays are so much fun, plenty of room for the whole family, cheaper than a hotel stay, and better than camping in so many ways. However, if you are still new to caravan holidays, or perhaps going on your maiden one, proper packing can be an uphill task.

Fret not though! It might seem that there are million things to pack and there will always be the likelihood of forgetting something. However, you don’t have to ruin your caravan holiday by having to scout for shops all the time to buy this or that. Let the pros help you to get organized.

Here is the best list of packing essentials for a caravan holiday. 

  • Clothing 

Whether you are travelling with kids or without them, it is advisable to pack extra, dark, and all varieties. You are going to be outdoors and children are invariable going to be on the dirt. Dark color clothing allows you to re-wear it, packing extra also means your washing load is less. Varieties in clothing items including footwear lets you enjoy various outdoor options and caravan parks have many entertainment possibilities too.

  • Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen, pack all dry food items beforehand and stock them. This will save you time as you pack frozen items for meals the last. Most caravan sites will have essentials but you will never go wrong with plenty of snacks on a journey.

Cooking plans for the caravan means that essential ingredients, water filters, and basic pots and pans should be included. This will also let you cook in a campfire if you so desire. Don’t forget the cleaning products!

  • Bathroom

Body towels, hand towels, outdoor towels…you can never neglect towels. Your caravan holiday spot might include a watering hole and these come in use then. Include laundry essentials here. The best tip is to carry a personal hygiene kit each with bathroom essentials – soaps, shampoo, tooth brush, etc. This ensures zero spilling and a handy grab for when you want take a shower in caravan parks.

  • Entertainment

While caravan parks will have entertainment facilities, if you are planning to drive off the bitumen remember to pack holiday essentials. A bucket and spade, a kite, bikes, a football, fishing rods, etc. Entertainment options for indoors like board games, reading material, and videos can’t be overlooked. Most importantly, remember best camping chairs 2021, camping tables, umbrellas, and outdoor mats.

  • Caravan basics

Depending on the site and your destination preference, you will add to the above list. However, certain caravan basics are must-pack essentials. This includes:

  • First aid kit with emergency medications, insect repellents, etc.
  • Lanterns, torches and batteries,
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Caravan covers
  • Caravan repairs toolkit
  • Jockey wheels and tow bars

In a caravan holiday you have to pack a lot of items for the caravan itself that you would not if camping in a tent. You will require different things based on the remoteness of your destination and the duration of your stay. Use this list as your starting point and add to it as you return from every caravan holiday. Enjoy the outdoors!