Alya got to have a nice long play session with Fly (the Border Collie across the street) today. We were leaving for our evening walk when we saw our neighbor and Fly starting out as well so we caught up with her and made our doggy stroll together. The neighbor was telling us that Fly was not in such a great mood today because she had to take two car rides and definitely wasn’t thrilled about it. Fly was keeping her distance and making it clear to Ayla that she wasn’t interested in a play session…but at the very end of the walk, Fly finally gave in and they played in one of the fields a good 10 minutes or so. They were chasing each other and rolling around. Ayla is quickly catching up to Fly’s 16 kilos and also only about 2 inches shy at the shoulder so Fly seems to be seeing her more of an equal now than a puppy so they were really playing full force. Of course Ayla was pretty worn out by the time we got home which is always a good thing. She didn’t pass out completely when we got home but she was definitely much more subdued than usual.

We are still have some issues with her biting at us. Doesn’t really seem to be a dominance issue but more like she wants to play with us and just gets far too rough much too quickly. Since her doggy obedience class was rained out last weekend we’re still pretty much on our own here…but perhaps if I get my work wrapped up quickly today I will take some time to research breaking those habits again as well as some new crate training tricks since she’s not too willing to go in there on her own and definitely not on command…she will only go in for treats which of course is what makes the world go round.