Are you considering a vacation? It could be wise to schedule your pre-trip grooming as well. You may prepare ahead of time with our helpful timeline, which lets you unwind and be at your best. Because everyone is focused elsewhere at this time, taking care of our skin and hair is even more crucial.

We need to plan our beauty regimen in order to appear beautiful on those big occasions. You must not worry, as this comprehensive pre-holiday beauty regimen and checklist will help you with all of your festive arrangements, and your hair and skin will appreciate you for it.

Dos: Remove dead skin cells from your lips and skin

Differences in humidity, weather, and other elements that come along with travel will cause your skin to itch for more attention.

You may consider a gentle body exfoliation two to five days before the holidays. The day of the party is also a good time to cleanse your skin. Additionally, use a lip exfoliant to scrub your lips before applying makeup. Lastly, don’t forget that checking your skin ph level is as important as exfoliation.

Don’ts: Leaving SPF off Your Hands and Neck

Choosing not to use an SPF medication represents one of the most prevalent skincare blunders, which you must take into account in this pre-holiday beauty care season. You are undoubtedly aware of the link between sun exposure and the onset of early aging.

It is known that UVA rays from the sun may get through windows and soak in your skin, causing fine lines, creases, and discoloration, as well as other early symptoms of aging.

Dos: Organize your brows and get a haircut

Consider getting your brows plucked into shape before you leave for the vacation since well-defined brows may elevate the appearance of your entire face.

On the other hand, hair should be trimmed sooner to your trip than it should be colored, so that any split ends that are susceptible to sun damage may be removed.

Don’ts: Applying similar moisturizers across the day

Using the same moisturizer all dayis another typical skincare blunder. Instead, switch up your moisturizer for your morning and evening routines. Your skin can appear dry in the daytime and greasy at night or the opposite. It’s crucial to realize that your skin has varying demands during the day based on the weather in your area.

Dos: Use facial masks

The skin requires additional care this Christmas season, just like the hair does. All the festivities and tension need to pause for a while so that you can pamper your skin for a few minutes every two to three days. That will probably help you get gorgeous and healthy skin this season. For supple and young skin, consider a collagen face mask or make your own organic face mask at home.

In addition to skincare, preparing for the holidays can be taken to the next level with at home lash extensions. By applying lash extensions in the comfort of your own home, you can achieve an extra chic and glamorous look that perfectly complements the festive season. Imagine effortlessly flaunting voluminous and fluttery lashes that enhance your eyes and elevate your overall appearance. With at-home lash extensions, you have the opportunity to customize the length and style to suit your desired aesthetic. Whether you prefer a natural or dramatic look, the choice is yours. Embrace the convenience and affordability of at-home lash extensions as you get ready to shine during the holiday festivities with a touch of effortless elegance.

These are the top 5 dos and don’ts of pre-holiday beauty care, which you should consider to look gorgeous on your traveling days!