It’s always fascinating to sit down and have a look at Google Analytics. You can have  a really good laugh as you sit and  wonder how in the world some of these keywords led to this blog. What is even more incredible is that some of the searchers stay here for a while and look at other posts. All of the following keywords led people to at least 5 more pages on No Ordinary Homestead…wow.

Hope they eventually remembered what they were after and found it. And I hope they come back to read more!

Latest strange searches that led to NOH

  • fat guy sitting in his car on august 29 (Stefan went and checked for photos of him – there were none, I assure you)
  • painting a wine room (I sure wish I had more to share with them on this subject…maybe one day we’ll get around to that project)
  • newfie garbage bins
  • hay bale jump
  • damn it scuba steve
  • chiengora for sale (Which is…anyone? Dog hair. Spun dog hair, actually. Like angora. We’re actually thinking about giving this a try. We certainly have enough Newf hair around here.)
  • 29 pounds to kg (apparently it wasn’t very important that they find the answer to that riddle)

What’s the weirdest thing someone has searched for that led to your blog or website? Or perhaps even better, how did you find your way to this blog? Purely by accident or a tip from somewhere else?