I intended to post this yesterday since I was a bit under the weather on Thursday…but I just didn’t make it. But here they are nonetheless… ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. self waters diy tomatoes
    Well, I interpret this to mean someone must want to set up tomato plants with some sort of self-watering system and they want to do it cheaply or perhaps make the system themselves. We are using a Gardena microdrip system to set up our watering system in the backyard. We’ve not really completely set everything up so I don’t have much to say at the moment. But we will be using an automatic timer to water the plants in the garden as well as the greenhouse. We’ll have small sprinklers in the raised beds and likely have a drip system in the greenhouse. The rest of the garden we will probably just use a hose or portable sprinkler on for the time being. 


  2. hypertufa raised bed
    It’s quite simple to make hypertufa yourself. We discussed using it to do planters in this post. But it could also be used to make dividers for a raised bed garden which is what we originally planned to do in our own garden. But we ultimately decided that it would be cheaper and much faster to use wood to construct the raised beds. We did find several nice concrete molds that we could have used though.

    • They have some really great borders at Mold Creations, even bricks and rocks if you color them…
    • Pavers at allmolds.com
    • More edgers at mudart.com 


  3. yuppies
    The term “yuppies” was coined in the 80’s and generally used to describe young individuals with well-paid professional jobs and who live an affluent lifestyle. They are generally self-confident about their wealth and what they have which is something that is often misunderstood by those who don’t live the same way. They are usually in their 30’s but I think the current generation of yuppies has many 20-somethings in it as well thanks to financial markets. 
  4. almost no fat banana bread
    Interestingly enough this search led to this blog and our house blog this week.
    I have a really good recipe which I got on the internet and make as often as possible. I find that it generally gets even moister as time passes. Visit our post about A Better Almost No Fat Banana Bread here.
  5. building vegetable beds
    We did quite a bit of research about how to build our garden and decided to build raised beds. Here’s a collection of links to our blogs posts about our process. We have only finished off one of the beds at this point and have also not done the walkways. The garden is also in serious need of weeding but we’ll get there in due time.