With the start of the new year, you’re probably thinking of a few things you’d like to accomplish in 2012 and new habits you’d like to form. I’ve heard that creating a new habit takes about 3o days of constantly doing that task before it will stick. But the first 10 days are the absolute hardest part of the equation, and you will often let yourself fail during that time frame before you really have a chance to succeed.

One of the things you may be trying to do this year is to organize your home and keep it clean. I know that decluttering our belongings and streamlining the things we have in our house (and the surrounding buildings like our barn and storage rooms) is a pretty big priority for me. Because the less you have around you, the less you have to worry with cleaning. And I’ve usually found that when a room in my home is clean and no longer has stuff all over the place, I become happier in the long run. Just like when my desk is cleaned off in my office (which doesn’t happen nearly often enough): when it’s empty, I can work more swiftly and with few distractions.

You may have tried lots of different methods in the past to establish a schedule for cleaning your home, sometimes just going for a random approach or maybe actually trying something more structured like the FlyLady or other schedules you’ve found. But what about all those other maintenance tasks for your home that are often overlooked? Do you have to spend days digging down to the bottom of piles of stuff in your living room before you can invite friends over for dinner? Would you be ashamed if someone just randomly dropped by your house today to say hi?

It doesn’t have to be that wayanymore.

If you have been struggling with getting yourself organized or figuring out all the tasks you need to do on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis to get your cleaning schedule started, I’ve got a great resource for you. Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule was written by Christine, who also writes IDreamofClean, a fabulous blog full of tips and tricks to make your cleaning experience more enjoyable.

Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule is a short, to the point ebook that really will help you craft the perfect cleaning schedule for your life. She includes a very helpful masterlist of cleaning tasks that you should be doing around your home, office and cars — but probably often forget to do. So by creating a thorough cleaning list that you can reference all year long, you’ll always stay on track of things. Plus, this system also makes it easier to delegate tasks within your household so you can all clean a little at a time which lightens the load in the long run.

From now until Saturday, January 7th, you can grab a copy of Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule for 50% off (just $3)! All you need to do is enter the code CleanNewYear2012 when you checkout.