Think you have don’t have room in your home for a home office? Then consider these options:

Behind the Sofa

If your living room sofa is set out from the wall, then you just might be room for a desk and chair instead of a console table. Lots of folks don’t need a large office desk as they prefer a laptop instead of a full-size computer, so a narrower than average desk will work just fine behind the sofa.

In the Kitchen

Many homes have a built-in desk often called an organization or communication center in the kitchen. If yours doesn’t, think about adding a desk at the end of a cabinet or in a spot nearby. It’ll be convenient for meal planning and household organization. It can be the perfect place to maintain an activities calendar for the whole family. You’ll find lots of desk options online or at your local furniture store. Just be sure to choose a company that takes care of the clients.

In an Unused Corner of the Living Room

You can turn a dark forgotten corner into an inviting home office space filled with light from a plug-in hanging light, floor lamp or desk lamp. A desktop of clear glass set atop a wood or metal base is a perfect choice since it will take up less visual space. You might also choose two small bookshelves to hold the desktop (the height of the shelves or any base should meet the standard height of an office desk.)

The Guest Room Offers Opportunity

Unless you have guests every day, you most likely feel like your guest doesn’t get enough use, so adding an area for a home office should work well in the guest room.

In Front of a Window in Any Room

A window not only provides light for your home office space, but a wonderful view can also inspire you (not distract as you would expect.)

A Closet is the Most Surprising Space

No, we’re not talking about sitting inside a closet to do pay your bills or plan your schedule. A company that takes care of the clients will help you choose a desk to fit into your office closet. When the closet door is open (or maybe take off the door or doors altogether, if that is appropriate for your space) you’ll be able to pull out your chair and have plenty of room. As mentioned above, good lighting is essential, so get expert advice.

Wherever you choose to create your unexpected home office, just be sure it’s an environment you love that provides convenience, adequate room and lots of stylish decors. We think the main thing is setting up a place where you can get your work done, whether it’s catching up on personal correspondence, ordering groceries online or doing research for that college paper that’s due very shortly.

Even a tiny spot for a home office can make you more productive and more organized. Creating that space can be an interesting and unexpected adventure. For more clever ideas, take a look at HGTVs article, Home Office Organization Quick Tips.