College is the best time for traveling and experiencing new emotions and Spain is one of the most emotional and passionate countries. But is it affordable for a student?

How to travel around Spain if you are a student on a budget 

A trip to Spain is a dream for many people and not only students. This country is versatile and tactile; it is filled with music, dancing, and passion. You don`t just travel around Spain, you feel, smell and experience it. Spain welcomes tourists all year round due to its smooth and steady weather and no matter what city you choose, Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, you will have unforgettable memories from the festivals, carnivals, and just everyday life and will definitely come back again. Meanwhile, there are some things that can help an average student afford a trip to Spain.

Before you go 

If you love Statistics or used a statistics homework helper for this discipline, you might know that according to it, Spain earns over 159 billion Euros annually on tourism. To make it affordable for an average student, we created this guide with some helpful traveling advice. But before you buy tickets to Valencia or any other city, there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Language. Have you studied Spanish in school? It`s high time to remember these lessons to keep conversations because Spanish people are good in English just as you are in Spanish. You may speak English in large cities but traveling in the countryside it may become a real problem;
  2.   Currency. As Spain is in the European Union, the currency is Euro (check the exchange rate at the moment you decide to go). Spain is absolutely friendly to both cash and credit cards and adding 10% of tips to your bill will make you a great guest;
  3.   Cuisine. Probably the most famous dish is tapas which are their version of bar food and you can find it everywhere. But we also recommend trying tortilla and paella;
  4.   Connection. In Barcelona and other big cities, you can find free Wi-Fi connections while outside them you will have to struggle a bit. So check on your mobile options before going;
  5.   Culture. In Spain, you will notice that most businesses close at 2 p.m and then reopen at around 5 p.m, while restaurants close at 5 and then open at 8. This is the siesta time and this tradition should be taken into account if you don`t want to wait to get a meal.

As college students don’t  have a lot of time and that is the reason why they are looking for cheap essay writing service to help them do their homework. They don’t also have a regular source of income, so traveling through the country can be a real challenge. To help you feel more confident, there are some tips for a really tight budget:

  •         Walk a lot. This is one of the most affordable and most pleasant ways to get to know the city and discover new places. Why not walk along the streets enjoying sunny weather and great architecture? If you get tired, you can rent a bicycle or buy a ticket for public transport which is extremely affordable and convenient in Spain;
  •         Use student discounts. Many museums and tourist attractions have special offers for students and often it is a really good discount. Make sure you did not forget your student ID and check whether a location you are going to provides such bonuses;
  •         Visit the food market. If you are hungry but the restaurants are too expensive, take advantage of the central market. Prices are cheap and there is plenty of fresh products to cook a tasty meal;
  •         Enjoy free attractions. All Spanish cities have a lot to offer for free. For example, you can visit parks, gardens, cathedrals, monuments, beaches and many other great places not spending a dollar;
  •         Stay in hostels. This is the cheapest accommodation you can find in Spain with still good conditions. If you don`t mind sharing a room with strangers, give it a chance.

An extra tip for you: Spain has very affordable prices for drinks that can make your trip more enjoyable. For example, you can buy coffee, tea or a glass of wine for just 2 Euros.