No, not permanently…just for today. We were originally thinking we would go back to the farm to work on the kitchen some more since we finally know what the tall cabinets are supposed to look like which go on either side of the oven…but neither of us was really looking forward to another day of sitting on the hard floor and all that, especially since hubby has a full start into the week as his company is hosting a large conference which will demand a lot of time and attention. So we decided we would just make a quick trip to the farm in the BMW and clean up the mess we left in the kitchen since we still had tools everywhere and then come back to the house to work on a whole bunch of other little tasks like packing more boxes, cleaning out closets and so on. We made a good dent in a few more rooms as far as packing is concerned but there still seems to be a lot to go. We’re almost defintely going to need more boxes despite having something like 70 already. We just have a whole lot of stuff and I’m really looking forward to finally being able to unpack of lot of boxes that haven’t been unpacked since we moved to Germany.

There seem to be about a million things that we need to get done in the upcoming week but so far we’re not stressing out too much. Thankfully if we just don’t have enough time to get everything out of the house, we still have another full week and weekend to take care of a few things (like finishing the painting of the former theatre room downstairs and replacing the carpet on stair AGAIN because Ayla ate a whole in it again just minutes after my mom repaired it for us)…and hopefully they will be able to finish up all the major stuff on the farm this week like the bathroom upstairs so we can move in smoothly and without too much chaos.