Hey dogs!

It’s me, Ayla, here. I thought I would pop in again and say “Hello” since it’s been a while since either my mom or I wrote. There’s been some fun stuff going on, but we’ve just been so busy that neither of us has been able to sit down long enough to type things out…but I’m here now so no worries!

Last Friday I was out walking with my humans and I came across this REALLY COOL stick out in the fields. My mom says she thinks it is actually a sunflower stalk but I just say it ROCKS!

It was not easy to bring home and my humans said I had to carry it myself if I wanted to keep it at home. Walking down the sidewalk with this bad boy sticking out about 3 feet on each side of me was NOT an easy task! I thought I bumped into a lot of stuff when I have my backpack on…but this thing is just HUGE. So I got lucky and my humans let me walk down the middle of the street since there was no traffic.

They were quite proud of me because I carried the stick the whole way home – which was at least a kilometer. It was pretty hard work and my mouth was quite tired at the end, but it was TOTALLY worth it! I’ve been chewing on it and dragging it around…mom even played with the stick and me in the courtyard during the week. But I don’t really like her holding it much so I told her I should be in control. It’s a big stick, after all, and I wouldn’t want her to get injured!

I have some more cool stuff to tell you about so I hope my secretary can stick around a little while longer and write some more stuff for me!! Oh and did you know tomorrow is my happy burp day?!?! Woohoo!

More in a bit!
Newfie kisses!!