Today is our last day here in Belvedere. Tomorrow we will head in the direction of Venice and hopefully find a nice place to stay there. It’s been raining all morning and we’re hoping it will stop some time today or at the very least tonight so the tent and everything else is not totally drenched when we have to pack everything up.

We took a long walk with Ayla this morning and did a bit of exploring in the town of Belvedere. Actually, describing it as a town might be a bit of a stretch since it seems to have a population less than 100, but there are some nice old buildings (which our limited Italian tells us was some sort of factory although for what exactly we couldn’t figure out) that we tried to explore a little.

Ayla also got to go swimming again. We took more pictures this time although you can hardly tell it’s the ocean. We took an air kong with us this time since the Frisbee never did show up (we event checked during our walk last night but saw absolutely no sign of it). Ayla retrieved it a few times but quickly lost interest as usual. So we decided to do a little more Frisbee searching and took a small path over a sort of dune area which took us to a more private beach. There was mostly just empty beer bottles and other trash around here but Ayla was greatly enjoying running around like a complete maniac. She was jumping off the rocks and racing along the path. We were rather concerned since there is a road very close to the beach and nothing to keep her from dashing into it…and most of the traffic that traveled along there (although there wasn’t much of it), travelled in the typical Italian fashion which is as fast as possible. But this crazy spurt of energy did also show us that she is rather skilled when it comes to climbing rocks and that sort of thing. There are large boulders along the beach as a sort of retaining wall and Ayla was jumping from one to the other like it was no big deal. Perhaps we should be looking into devoting some time to making her a rescue dog…or maybe we need to get her her own doggie climbing harness lol.