We saw a dramatic improvement in weather over the last 24 hours here in Germany. Thank God! And it’s only going to get better over the weekend. For us and doggo, as we are prone to call our little Newfie girl,that means taking the opportunity to get away for the weekend and test our new camping equipment. Since we couldn’t decide where we wanted to go – because quite honestly all we are looking for is some nice scenery and a fun ride with a nice and quiet camping experience no matter where that may be.

So we are planning on getting lost – that is, the plan will be to head out saturday morning, stopping by the camping store and picking up a gas bottle for our new camping stove, and then just taking whichever road strikes our fancy until we get where we think we like it and had enough of driving. Thanks to the nifty camping guide we have installed on the laptop we should have no problem finding a place to crash for the night.

We are very anxious to find out how we are progressing at assembling the ultimate road trip vehicle, but almost more to see how Ayla behaves in the tent for the night with all those strange sounds going on around her.