The first sentence in the week 30 newsletter reads: “You may begin to feel some significant discomfort now.”

Yeah, you could say that. I’ve been feeling rather uncomfortable for at least a week now. I have heartburn a good part of the day, like a pointy foot poking me right under my ribs. It used to only be when we were driving for a few hours at at time. But sitting at my desk all day has gotten a bit more challenging lately and I’m thankful to have an exercise ball in there to sit on part of the time. It might be too low to really reach everything on the desk, but sitting on that thing really does bring some extra comfort. And if things get really rough, I just take a 30 minute break to practice a hypnobabies script and am much more relaxed afterwards.

Thursday I put a size 7 pair of jeans on that I bought specifically for the pregnancy and realized they were starting to get quite snug. I’m blaming the dryer a bit because I had just washed them and they feeling a bit looser today, but there’s no hiding the fact that my belly is in hyper growth mode right now. Thankfully it still seems to be the only part of me growing and I hope to keep it that way.

I’m still looking to avoid buying any pregnancy clothing. So far I’ve succeeded to buy only regular clothes that happen to fit bulging bellies well. With only 2.5 months to go, it would be kinda painful to buy  stuff…but if I keep growing this quickly, I might have to stop leaving the house if I continue to think that way. It’s just getting too chilly out to wear yoga pants in public – and I’m more fashion-inclined than I might sometimes admit and just don’t find it acceptable to wear something you would sleep in out around people. Besides, this is a small town and people talk so I don’t want something like that coming back to me. Pregnant or not, there are some things I just can’t let myself bend on.

I’ve also noticed that putting on shoes isn’t such an easy task anymore. But thankfully I have a few pair of slip-on Vans. And if I ever drag myself to yoga, I figure I can sit and bend my legs towards me a while longer so I don’t have to ask Stefan to tie my shoes before he leaves every morning.

I know you’re wondering just how bad the damage is these days…so here goes 🙂