Today we launched on our first real road trip with the new defender. It was fantastic. Stefan and I left our home this morning with our friend Jenny. We headed to the french boarder and with some confusion in Sarbrücken finally found the direction we needed. It’s truly amazing how quickly the scenery changes after leaving Germany. After just a few quick turns the houses started to look a lot more “French”.

Alsace France 007

We passed many beautiful little villages in the Vosges region and where treated to a little bit of off-road (normally a big no-no) when a stretch of the road we wanted to drive was closed. The detour led us over forrest ways through some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen in Europe. I believe we got pretty severely lost on the detour route as we ended up at our starting point after several long and windy forrest trails.

Alsace France Off roading

On we went passing many small french towns nestled in valley and above mountain tops. It was extremly refreshing not a run into the familiar sign of a McDonalds restaurant or something similar for a few hours.

I am writing this blog entry from the our room in a little hotel we found near the Rocher da Dabo. We had stopped in a little village earlier (unfortunately no one remembers the name) but the local hotel was full. So we continued on until we found this place. The lady at the front desk was extremely friendly and thankfully spoke German. So we are setteling in for the night with the view of the night sky behind the Church towering above our hotel room.

Alsace France church at night

The Hotel Restaurant au Rocher in Dabo (Telephone: +33.(0) is located right on top of the mountain with the historic church towering on a cliff above.For 43 euros we get to stay the night and it seems that only one other room is occupied, so the idea of a communal bathroom is not that horrible…

Alsace France hotel

The rooms are clean and the decor is minimal, but for three travelers with 10 hours driving back roads it will definitely do. And the view can not be beat.

We decided to stay at the hotel for dinner which was an easy choice since we wanted to try the local wine and the hotel is a good way from the nearest town, but we where not disappointed. The portions where large and tasty and service was prompt.

Alsace France dinner

After the large portions from dinner topped with loads of fresh mushrooms we were extremely tired and are now back in the room for a few hours of sleep. Tomorrow is another day and we have close to 600km left to go before returning back home.