Today Marilyn, our Siamese mix, decided to make a break for it. I guess all the barking and training and fluffy dog nonsense has just gotten to be too much for her. For the most part, it has seemed that the cats were adjusting relatively well to Ayla. They have never been overly loving cats (they’re cats after all) and come to us when they want attention. But of course with a dog around all the time that becomes more difficult. Since the weather has been really nice the past few days, we tend to leave the kitchen door open when we go outside. In the past we have allowed the cats to wander outside a little as long as they don’t go too far and stay inside the yard (they are declawed and not accustomed to the outdoors as well as easily spooked by new people – yes, we know this was likely unnecessarily to remove the claws and likely wouldn’t do it again but we can’t turn back the clock now). But yesterday Marilyn must have darted out the door and thru the fence into the “wrong” side of the yard and we never even saw her. But apparently Ayla sensed her (I’m guessing she just got lucky but the hubby wants to believe it was intuition) and ended up herding her back into the house. Since this escape, Mary has tried a few more times to escape but thankfully we have seen her. Apparently we are going to have to start keeping a much more watchful eye on her.