We cruised on the Norwegian Bliss during its first 6 months of cruising from December 15-22, 2018. During our last 7 cruises on Norwegian ships, we have always taken the upgraded dining package to enjoy at least three nights in specialty restaurants like Cagney’s Steakhouse, Le Bistro, or La Cucina. We find the value for money to always be there and like the smaller dining ambiance and upgraded meals over the main dining rooms Taste and Savor.

During our first Haven experience which was on the Bliss, we found that we no longer wanted to partake of any other dining experiences. The Haven Restaurant not only offered superior service and ambiance but also a better quality of food as well. Once we returned from the trip, I discovered just how much we enjoyed the food because we took a LOT of photos of it!

We ultimately found that we enjoyed dining in the Haven Restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So if you’re considering a Haven cruise with NCL but there’s no upgraded dining package, you really don’t need it. Here are a few of the meals we enjoyed.

Breakfast in Haven Restaurant

Steak and Eggs – A small filet with eggs, grilled portabello mushroom, sausage links, and potatoes. This was so delicious and it so did NOT get finished.

Classic Eggs Benedict – They serve this in the main dining room as well, but this hollandaise sauce was freshly made versus out of a package. The potato pancakes were also upgraded.

Avocado Toast – A bit lighter than some of the other offerings, this was a multi-grain toast spread with avocado and topped with a soft-boiled egg. It was surprisingly good.

Also at breakfast was a nice buffet spread of fruit, berry cups, yogurts, pastries, bread and more. You also have an array of teas and fresh juices to choose from. Or you can order anything from the bar from soda to bloody marys and mimosas. All costs for bar services are dependent on your beverage package.


Lunch at Haven Restaurant

This was the menu which was offered each day at lunch. The menu didn’t change which allowed up to try many of the items we liked multiple times. The chilled soup changed daily.

Seared Scallops – I tried this on day one with the Zucchini “Pappardelle” and Porchini Mushroom sauce. It was delicious and the scallops were fresh and expertly prepared.   

Seafood Fritto Misto – If I had known had good this was, I would have ordered it more often. I waited until the last day to try it (probably better for my health and waistline) and found it all to be super tasty!

The Haven Restaurant on Norwegian Bliss

Berries and Mango Marinated in Grand Marnier – Being that this is one of our favorite after-dinner drinks, we could not turn down this dessert. We even persuaded us to serve it for dinner a few times with lemon sorbet. Yum! We also recreated this one at home. So tasty and easy.

I also enjoyed the Chicken Caesar Salad several days we were there. It paired really well with an extra spicy Bloody Mary from the bar.


Dinner at Haven Restaurant

Have I mentioned that we really enjoyed this restaurant?? We wound up here for many of our dinners onboard so I have lots of pictures from dinner meals. So many that I broken them down by course! At dinner, you can order up two appetizers, a main course and a dessert. We could not imagine eating all that and often just went for a two-or three-course dinner.



Ahi Tuna Poke on a bed of seaweed salad. This was by far my favorite dinner appetizer so I ate it for several meals, paired with the amazing lamb chops.

Mackenzie even liked this one, especially the seaweed salad. It was her first time eating it!

Short Ribs on a bed of Polenta with asparagus and artichoke hearts. Also very good but a bit heavy to pair with a main.

The Haven Restaurant on Norwegian Bliss

Beef Tartar. Stefan tried this and enjoyed it. But it was not as good as the Ahi Tuna Poke.


Main Dishes

Rack of Lamb. Always perfectly cooked and three delicious slices. I enjoyed the presentation, but I rarely managed to eat the sides.

Seared Scallops with roasted tomatoes. Stefan’s dad ordered these and said they were expertly prepared and so yummy.

Veal osso buco with saffron risotto. So heavy and so good. This was a special one night in the restaurant and we had to come in just for that.

Pork something? We’re not quite sure what this one was anymore but it was devoured.



Poached pear with caramel crumble.

Lemon sorbet with fresh berries.


Strawberry parfait with basil. 

Mousse Coupe.

Triple layer chocolate cake. This was insane. A chocolate mousse cake basically. Neither Mackenzie nor Stefan could finish one.

The Haven Restaurant on Norwegian Bliss

What goes well with lunch and dinner? Wine of course! And they had a great selection onboard too.

Have you dined in a Haven Restaurant on The Bliss or another Norwegian ship? Share your experience below. Or let me know your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!