As I have mentioned before, we where looking for a new laptop to use on our road trip. As we where looking to use it as our mobile command center we had to make sure the processing power would be able to handle the work load. But so far we are very happy with our new Samsung R65.

We have started to install the necessary software for the trip and must say the computer is running very smoothly. We have to still use it while on the road, but so far so good.

A few pieces of software installed aside from the usual office stuff I use all the time include the following:

  • MapSource – We use MapSource exclusively for planning out trip. This software works just like a car navigation system when a GPS is hooked up to the computer. We will not likely use the computer for navigating on the trip as we have our TomTom 700, but we like to know what we are getting ourselfs into before we leave.
  • ACSI 2006-2007 Camping Guide Europe – “This is the greatest software ever” where the words my husband uttered when first trying this program. It truly is pretty cool though. The software has a list of 8400 campsite all over Europe. While we have used the ADAC Europe camping guide before in book format and also CD-Rom this software just seems superior. Finding a campground in the vicinity will be no problem once we get on the road, and convenient filtering allows us to pre-plan where we will stay from the comfort of home.
  • Adobe PhotoShop – There is just no substitute for the best. Self explanatory, if we have some way of accessing the internet, there will be pictures to go along with out life updates from the road.