This morning we took a journey to visit some friends in Holland. It’s about 3 hours ride from here and a good warm up for Ayla since she’ll be spending a lot of time in the car the last few weeks of September and beginning of October travelling from place to place.

On the way up there we had to make a few pit stops for her and we were unfortunate enough to come across some of the dirtiest rest stops around. One seems to have not been mowed in about a year and there was trash all over. Of course we wanted her to go potty if she needed to before getting back in the car but the places she could walk were restricted due to broken glass and just not being able to see in general what she might be stepping on. She did find quite a few things she wanted to put in her mouth though.

So eventually we got to Holland and since our friends live in Maastricht, Ayla got her first experience walking in the city. We had to park in a parking garage which meant carrying her up 3 flights of stairs (that’s certainly not going to be possible in a few more weeks) and she was a bit overwhelmed at first but after we took a break on a bench by the river, she was excited to get back into the city and interact with all the people and sounds. We did find it very amusing that if people didn’t stop to talk to her, she would just look after them like “hey, Newfie here….don’t you want to pet me???” Rather adorable I must say.

What seemed like a rather perfect day ended on a more concerning note. After dinner, Ayla couldn’t hold anything down and vomitted twice. We started combing the Internet to see if we needed to get her some help or there was something we should be doing for her but basically learned that if it wasn’t going on more than one day it was probably just something she ate or all the excitement (or us switching her meal time which we didn’t know could be a problem).

Update from May 14: Since she had a wide variety of things in her mouth over the course of the day, there really is no telling what the problem was. She remained energetic all night which indicated to us that she should be fine. This morning she had no vomitting at all so apparently whatever the issue was has been flushed from her system.