If you love to travel, you probably love seeing and learning new things. Travelers are obsessed with seeing all that the world has to offer, and exposing themselves to as many cultures and locations as they can possibly squeeze into one lifetime. Through travelling, we can learn more about not only different cultures, and how different people across the globe live their lives, but about ourselves.

What’s better is the fact that we don’t have to leave the beauty of these cultures overseas when we come home! By implementing different styles of interior design, we can continue to enjoy seeing some of the decorations and artifacts that people use to express their culture through their own homes, while enjoying a beautiful living space of our own!

To help you find a style that reflects not only you as an individual, but the cultures of the places that have meant the most to you, consider using these three interior design styles, that originated in other cultures, to inspire your own!


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Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern design style is based in objects that are carefully crafted by hand. Often centered around eccentric rugs, braided tapestries, and elegant, expressive patterns, Middle Eastern design carries with it both an air of mystery and sophistication like you might find in the deserts of lost Arabia.

When you’re trying to determine what pieces will best make up your own Middle Eastern design style, there are three key traits you need to pay attention to: material, texture, and patterns. Most Middle Eastern pieces are crafted using either dry, straw like materials that portrays the rugged determination of these resilient people, or silks that look like belong in the palace of a sheik.

The patterns are often explosions of color, that incorporate variations on diamond shapes, as though they are trying to recreate the precious jewel and stone treasures from The Thousand and One Nights.


Drawing inspiration from the Norse and Germanic traditions found in Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, Scandinavian is a natural, refined style that has the ability to transport you and your guests to the beautiful past of the Northlands.

Scandinavian style draws upon the design sense that the hardy folk in these cold countries have been using at least as far back as the Viking Age. It’s characterized by a heavy use of polished wood, and durable materials like wool and fur for cushions, blankets, and bedding (don’t worry – you can use synthetics to get the same look without taking from animals).

The patterns found in Scandinavian style, whether in the woodwork or fabrics, are jagged, angular variations that evoke the Norse runes. These patterns have an ancient, magical feeling to them, and serve to make you feel like you could summon Odin or Loki if you just focused on them hard enough.


Image Source: www.pexels.com


Originating in the major and minor countries of Asia, Oriental is an elegant, lavish style that uses soft, rich fabrics and textures to make each room not only a beautiful, comfortable space, but a work of art that tells a story.

Common materials found in Oriental design style include silks, bamboo, stone, and other natural materials. They often incorporate bold, exquisite colors from across the color spectrum, and use complex, intricate designs, with common motifs including kanji and Asian calligraphy, animals such as the dragon or monkeys, or scenes from famous tales of history and legend.

If you want your home to have a refined, beautiful flair, that speaks to centuries of tradition, history and spiritual power, an Oriental interior design style may be just what you’re looking for.