Has waking up while it’s still very dark outside become a nightly ritual? Or are you having trouble falling asleep in the first place? Lack of consistent, adequate sleep can feel like a waking nightmare that leads to all sorts of physical and mental health problems like irritability, headaches, soreness, lack of focus, anxiety, and even depression. Not sure why you can’t catch those zzz’s? Here are a few common explanations for insomnia as well as some remedies to help you sleep like a queen once again.

Possible Reason No. 1: Allergies

If the weather isn’t right for your seasonal allergies to be the culprit, some other allergic instigator might be at work. Dust mites are an incredibly common allergic trigger, and these tiny little critters enjoy living on your bedding and praying on dead skin cells. They can cause sneezing and incredibly itchy rashes that can keep you grabbing tissues and skin ointments all night long.

Solution: While dust mites love to party on your blood and dead skin cells, one thing that they hate is the pungent smell of eucalyptus oil. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your laundry and leave them to dry in the direct sunlight to zap these critters away. To make sure they stay away for good, always wash your sheets regularly (once a week) before the cloth can build up with skin cells and dust.


Possible Reason No. 2: Temperature Fluctuations

Do you find yourself throwing the sheets off and on and off again all through the night? If this is the case, it’s time to check what’s up with your heating/cooling system. If your room’s internal thermostat fluctuates, it could cause room temperatures to trigger or fall, giving you restlessness and insomnia.

Solution: If your air conditioner is inconsistent, call an HVAC expert to check what’s wrong with your thermostat unit that regulates temperatures. He might suggest for repairing of cooling unit or replacing it with new one. In the meantime, make sure to be using sheets that breathe like cotton and linen, and avoid materials like silk and polyester. They may feel really light and airy, but you’ll find yourself sweating up a storm, causing more restless nights.

Possible Reason No. 3: Bad Mattress

If you’re waking up sore with neck, back, and shoulder pains, then consider buying a new mattress, especially if you’ve had yours for over five years.  A study from Oklahoma State University shows that people who replace their mattresses every 5 years show a significant decrease in their back pain symptoms. Unfortunately, many people ignore their bad mattress until they become a victim of serious back pain.

Solution: The good news is that nowadays, you no longer have to burn a hole in your wallet in order to buy a high-quality mattress. Get the best latex mattress from a renowned brandthat’s friendly to your spine and sleep routine. You can even get mattresses delivered directly to your home if you’re intimidated by the idea of a mattress showroom. Act on this advice and you will certainly enjoy sound sleep!

The Final Takeaway

Good sleep is something we spend at least a third of our lifetimes trying to obtain, and for good reason—it seriously affects the quality of our waking hours. While occasional sleeplessness is something that everyone experiences, prolonged insomnia is not something to take lightly. Consider the above reasons, act accordingly, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time. Happy zzz’s!