Living in a year-round warm environment presents a challenge for creating convincing Christmas decorations. The lack of snow, greenery, and warm temperatures just don’t necessarily evoke a feeling of that special time of year. But all is not lost with a little creativity and ingenuity! The judicious use of lights and decorations goes a long way towards creating that wonderful feeling of Christmas even when it’s 80 degrees outside.

Bring the Christmas Tree Outside

Pine trees do fine outdoors and in. Why not put a second tree outside to complement the one that’s inside? Decorate it with inexpensive and durable ornaments, and then put LED lighting, such as those from, on it in order to save on electricity costs. It’s a great way to make it feel more like ’tis the season.

Consider using an outdoor Christmas tree as the centerpiece of a bigger display. Use lighted displays in the form of presents, ornaments, candy canes and more to create a winter wonderland in a place where there is no snow. Don’t hesitate to go big to catch the eyes of passersby. After all, it’s a time for celebration and there’s nothing wrong with showing off a little.



Use Greenery to Evoke the Reason for the Season

It may seem counterintuitive to use greenery in a region that’s already green year ’round, but it’s not impossible. It takes the right kind of greenery in the form of garlands and garnishes to bring it all together. Pine garlands and wreaths are long associated with Christmas. They’re supposed to remind all of everlasting life because they’re always green unlike leafy trees that go dormant in the winter. Plus there’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh pine.

Don’t hesitate to hang pine wreaths on doors and garlands on the frames. Place pine boughs in strategic areas along the walkway leading to the home. Use decorations that include pine sprigs or branches in and around the house.

Greenery is more than just pine, however. Go to a nursery to see what they have on offer for use as decoration, or source the trees in the backyard. Clip fresh clusters of leaves from the tree and use them as part of a display to celebrate southern living while making it feel like Christmas.


Decking out the Halls With More Than Boughs of Holly

The inside of the home is just as important as the exterior. Keep an open mind when cruising through the local home goods store for something that says Christmas without going overboard. A simple red dish full of shiny ornaments on a side table makes a wonderful statement, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Cluster flocked pinecones and use it as the centerpiece on a dining room table. Tie on a red or green bow to give them a spark of color. Alternatively, wind LED lights through or around them to make them glow.

Christmas Candy

Let the lack of snow fuel creativity when it comes to lighting up the home for the season. Warm climates have been doing Christmas decorations for centuries, and the fact that there’s no snow hasn’t stopped Santa from visiting yet.