If you are looking for ways to furnish your home on the cheap or just love an eclectic style, there are lots of options available to pursue when locating second-hand furniture. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind if you are considering finding used furniture to create your own style at home or in the office.


So many second-hand pieces of furniture look worn and dirty on the outside but have the inside of a brand new piece of furniture. You have to have a vision when you second-hand furniture shop, of what the items could look like as opposed to what they do look like in the dank and dreary confines of a second-hand showroom floor. A couch that is the right construction and design for your needs, is comfortable and has been solidly made of fine wood and craftsmanship, can be given a fabric facelift very easily. Simply bring swatches of fabric with you as you browse the second-hand stores so your vision of what a well-made piece could look like again matches your vision for your home and what you can do with it.


Hotel Design

Many second-hand stores receive bulk items from hotels that are completely renovating wings of their establishments. The furniture is mostly gently used since many pieces, such as television cabinets or dressers sometimes rarely get used at all. So, there is very little refurbishing that needs to be done as well as worry about it falling apart. Also, many pieces fit the trendy retro design that is popular with millennials today who spend thousands just to get that 70s and 80s vibe in their homes which can be purchased second hand for a fraction of the cost.



Just because a second-hand chair, couch, or even bed seems like it is perfect for your needs, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most comfortable piece of furniture you will ever own. Have you ever fallen in love with the living room chair that looked absolutely perfect for your décor and then got it home and realized it was a back-breaker if you sat it for more than a half an hour? Always try out the merchandise, especially with second-hand furniture because someone actually may have been given it up because it wasn’t comfortable. No one wants a four-poster bed that looks great but gives you sleepless nights when they could sleep in comfort in a French provincial bed that gives great comfort and just a bit of change to your décor. So, do a “test run” of the pieces that catch your eye before you make the decision to buy them.


Repurpose for Your Needs

Never try to remake an entire room in your mind just to adapt to a piece you have fallen in love with in the second-hand store. What usually happens is you spend more money on the entire re-design of the room instead of saving money buying used furniture. Instead, repurpose the item that you find and fall in love with it to suit your needs for the space in your home as opposed to the other way around. This means possibly finding a bathroom vanity that can be painted a different color or a waterproof finish added so that it can be turned into a great outdoor bar or serving station with just a few minor changes.

Do you like to reuse and repurpose furniture? I’ve done lots of it in the past and it always amazes me what paint or stains can do to change the look and feel of a piece of furniture. What do you think?