Photos capture amazing moments and memories. Other people take photos to make others see their aesthetic peculiarity or because of other personal reasons. There are various photography tips to use if you need travel photos without any person in them.


Many times photographers do not know how to take good photos without people in them. It is almost impossible to find the perfect moment to take such pictures. However, this article will offer some great photography tips tricks guide. You can use it to have few or no people in the images you take when traveling.

Photography tips for taking photos with no people in them

  • Holidays and weekends should be avoided

It is an obvious photography tip since during weekends and holidays most people have a lot of free time to go to popular places. Those are the hardest times for beautiful photography. Therefore, before you go to take photos, the tip suggests ensuring there is no holiday at that location. This photography tip suggests confirming that by checking online. The advice also suggests that the best travel photos without people can only be taken during weekdays because that is when people are at home or work.

  • Avoid the high season

This photography tip is for those who love good weather. People love traveling during the high season when the weather is good. Good weather also is perfect for taking great pictures. Of course, it should be remembered that great pictures are obtained not only during the day, sunrises and sunsets are also very beautiful. There are some good tips about this from the so-called Book of Ra. Therefore, photographers should adhere to this tip and ensure to plan well and be patient.

  • Do not just aim the token travel images

This photography tip suggests that travel images look great because they have a recognizable landmark. The advice also reveals that many people believe that you get such photos from the same place where other people took it. This photography tip now suggests ensuring to go as far as you can from that photo spot, which other people do not have.

  • Patience 

It is one of the essential street photography tips. Patient photographers took most photos that do not have people on them. You have to wait until all the people leave before taking a picture. Your patient is worth it because you will end up with people-free images. However, you also need to go early enough to pick the perfect photography spot.

  • Use your head

This one is also a great photography tip. You must have noticed that in the most amazing photography, the photo includes the photographer’s head. They involve themselves in the images as a way of standing out and as a photography strategy. They position themselves precisely at the same place as that of the person who is not willing to move away from the frame.

In addition, this photography tip reveals that many of them use their iPhones to preview the images that they have taken with their GoPro before they snap them. This way, they can tell whether there are people in the photo or not. If people are there, they wait until they move, or they block them with their heads before taking pictures.

  • Take photos early

This photography tip suggests waking up early, even if you do not like to. Photography locations are often crowded. You need to go early before they open so that you can have a perfect moment to take photos without people in them. Just ensure you check online for the opening hours and try to arrive there before then.

  • Fast action camera

This photography tip suggests that most great photos are gotten because of being capable of whipping out the camera. It can be the Hero 3 Silver or the GoPro Hero. They can switch it on so fast and take pictures before people come in.

  • Using selfie sticks

Selfie sticks usage is a perfects photography tip when it comes to different types of photography provided you know how to use it properly. Instead of using the selfie stick to take a selfie, use it in lifting or lowering the camera. It helps you adjust the angles well enough to crop people out.

You will not even appear in the picture. You will only be using the selfie stick to take travel pictures without people by just lifting high above the people.

  • Requesting people to move away

This photography tip applies mostly when the people are few. You can politely ask them to move just for a few seconds. It can seem somehow obnoxious, but you will not lose anything from trying. Apply it, especially when all the other photography tips have failed.

  • If all the above tips do not work, include the people

It is also a good photography tip because, at times, the clothes that people wear might make a neutrally colored picture look wonderful. Even catching people off-guard can make an image more incredible. Moreover, should the photo look bad with people in it, you can remove them by using editing photography techniques like cropping.


We often see great photos without people in them, even those of popular places where you will always expect to find many people. Therefore, you wonder how the photo was taken. Yes, it is hard to get such shots. With the professional photography tips we have shared here, you are also likely to get one great photo without people in it. We believe that all the landscape photography tips shared here are simple to apply. In case you need more information about photography tips, write to us.

Author bio

Ellen Royce is a great photographer and a travel blogger. The photography tips she has shared here are simply based on what she always does to get great travel pictures with no people in them. She believes that these tips can work for most people out there.