Hiring a moving company is a must. If you don’t want to encounter issues in the relocation process, you have to hire professional hands rather than relying on your own.

On the contrary, there seem to be other risks when hiring a moving company. There is that danger of being scammed. When you are not careful, you might be charged more than what you signed for. If you are unlucky, some moving service providers will hold your belongings in their truck until you give them an additional amount of money. In other unfortunate situations, you can lose the truck and kiss your belongings goodbye.

With all these bad incidents, it is only reasonable that one should be careful when moving. Prevention is better than cure as they say. So, to help you avoid these kinds of situations, the following are the tips for hiring a moving company.

  1. Understand the Process of Estimation
    Every moving company will send their representative in your house. That person will be the one to estimate the cost of the moving process. The estimator will make an inventory list of all your belongings and compute the weight and space they will take in the truck. That will be a part of the cost of the moving service.
    In this process, you should understand the conversion being done. Ask for the rate of the weight and space. Don’t just rely on their word. Do your research about this. The estimate document can also be confusing so don’t hesitate to ask questions.
    If you have a question and the estimator has already left, feel free to call. That is your right as a client. Never settle when you just know the typical rate in the weight and space of your belongings. You must also ask for recommendations so that the estimator will not take advantage of your ignorance. Plus, if you know enough this part, you can make negotiation to have a better deal.

  1. Prepare for the Quiz
    The estimator will ask you some questions about your belongings. What are the things you want to be transported by the truck? What are the ones that you will carry with you? What are the ones that will go the trash? Can you describe your house? Do you think there will be an obstruction in the way to the house?
    You can expect for those kinds of questions so be prepared. Do your part in the bargain. If you don’t, then the fault is yours if something comes up and delays the process. On the other hand, the estimator should ask all the questions needed for a smooth moving process. If ever the estimator doesn’t ask any questions about other stuff other than your belongings, you should probably get another moving company.
  1. Play It Safe
    Most moving companies would require you to secure a deposit or down payment. When you’re in this situation, remember that you shouldn’t have to give them a significant amount. This is a total risk on your part because you wouldn’t know if you will still see the truck or not.
    When you pay in advance, play it safe. Talk to their representative if they will accept one-fourth of the estimated cost as a partial advance and you will just give the rest after the delivery. You can also use a credit card if the moving company allows it. This is to protect you from possible fraudulent schemes.
  1. Name Switch Is Not in Your List
    Some companies have a variety of names. This is a deceptive practice to avoid the assessment from Better Business Bureau. To check if their name is really what they are using in their operations, you can call their main office, and if their employee answers the phone using the real name, you are safe. You must also check their website if they have licensing or insurance information.
  1. Get Reference From Real Clients
    If you don’t know anybody who can recommend a reputable moving company, you can check the internet for sources. It does not mean that you should get reviews from websites or talk to people whom you don’t know. You’ll never know who those people are – if they are legitimately part of just paid by the company.
    The best that you can do is to go to the website of American Moving and Storage Association or State Association of Movers. Tell them that you want to have a reference for the previous clients of your prospective moving company. When you get their contact info, ask them about their experience in the moving process under that company.
  1. Packing Phase
    If you decide to pack your things on your own, there will be no problem because you will be accountable for the damages. On the other hand, some companies offer packing services for an additional fee. However, if they damaged your belongings, they will be responsible for those costs.
    But still, you have to make sure that the packers have enough knowledge and skill about their task. Also, check if they have enough equipment and tools to do the job. Expect that the cost of the service will increase if you choose this service.

  1. Anticipate to Avoid Extra Fees
    You should know if there will be obstructions on the way which will not allow the truck to pass through. Are you moving in the 7th story of a building? Will there be escalators? Tell all of these to the estimator so that he/she can give you an appropriate estimate considering those factors. It would be frustrating if there will be extra charges for the delivery of your stuff. You must also ask for other possible fees in the moving service. In most moving companies, they will include it in the estimate, but some don’t.

What’s important is that you should be vigilant about the process. You must always keep your eyes open. Don’t rely on the mercy of the company’s honesty. Do your research and find the most reputable moving company. Also, never forget that you are their customer and you’re always right.