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Are you still wondering what to get some(most/ALL of the people on your Christmas list? Well have no fear! I’m about to fill your head with over 100 great gift ideas for friends and family of all ages!

I also saw a great suggestion that everyone only gets 3 gifts this year. We all know budgets are tight, and if you have a huge family, you could seriously go into debt trying to buy something for everyone. Instead, just buy each person 3 gifts: something they want (like the latest toy or gadget), something they need (such as new socks or other clothes) and something that will nurture their mind, body or soul. The nurturing can be anything from art supplies for the budding artist, or a blank journal for your little writer, or even just a book or CD that will do a bit more than entertain.

So here goes with the great gift idea overload!

  1. 20 Fantastic Gifts for Photographers

    I love so many things on this list…which I guess means I’m really a photographer. In fact, my favorite thing on the list is quite possibly one of the nerdiest things…these bracelets which look like focusing rings found on Photojojo’s site (along with about 100 other things that I find SO awesome!)

  2. Do it Yourself Vanilla Sugar, S’more Kits & Chai Tea Kits

    Want to throw a few things together last minute that aren’t that expensive but look great? Try these creatively packed ideas!

  3. 10 modern gifts under $25

    There are so really cool things on this list…like the reusable stainless steel straws — I have seriously never seen anything like that before! But my favorite is the double timer! Cool looking and totally practical!

  4. 10 homemade gifts to entice the stomach

    Fudge, peppermint bark, hot cocoa mix and even granola bars…you can make all sorts of things yourself which are not that expensive and have delicious gifts that your friends and family will be begging you to make again! Or share the recipes with the gifts (and a baking pan if they need it) and encourage them to try making it themselves next time.

  5. 10 gifts for small kids

    Be warned, these are not all on the thrifty end of the list. But they all have been tried, tested and kid approved!

  6. 10 more gifts to make yourself
    This list covers everything from food to candles to your own family cookbook, and all of them are beautifully packaged! I personally would be thrilled to get the things on this list…and I know that the people we have given homemade chocolate liquor and champagne vinegar too were completely thrilled!
  7. 10 great gifts for kids of various ages under $20

    Love the toys on this list…and most of them seem like they would cost a lot more. The Leap Frog talking dogs, Violet and Scout, by the way, seem like some of the coolest toys I have ever seen. You can not only customize them for your kid’s liking, but you can also see stats of things they’ve been learning and listening to when you hook it up to your computer. Strange and a bit big brother is watching style…yet fascinating!

  8. 10 Christmas movies to savor for years

    Everything from the classics to some of the better new ones are on this list. Buy the DVD once and watch it over and over again for the next 20 years (assuming your child or dog doesn’t destroy it somewhere along the way.) Christmas Vacation is not on there (although it’s a bit rough in parts for young ears) nor is Christmas with the Kranks, Eight Crazy Nights or Love Actually…which are all some of our favorites. Wow, looks like I know what my next top 10 list is πŸ™‚

  9. 15 gifts for new or aspiring cooks

    This is a great collection of gifts with a few recipes thrown in to make a truly unique gift for those love to cook but seem to be lacking a few of the basics. I’m not that new to cooking, but my kitchen does actually lack some of these things (like a fat separator, ramekins and real biscuit cutters — although I make do just fine with a glass for the latter)…and it really shouldn’t. But it seems ones can never really have too many Pyrex dishes or measuring cups, so you really can’t go wrong with anything on this list. What I want to know is, why doesn’t Pyrex sell their covered glass dishes here for freezing? They are fantastic yet they just don’t exist here. So sad. And just so you know, there’s a German saying that giving knives as gifts “cuts” your relationship, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. And if you know a food blogger, I assure you they would probably be thrilled to get a box of mismatched china, bowls and glasses so they can use them for photographing the yummy stuff they make for the rest of us to drool over.

  10. 10 crafty gift ideas that you can make yourself

    Not crazy about giving food gifts? You will find lots of cute ideas in here, including a wreath made from book pages (trust me, those things are SO hot right now!) But one of the gifts I think is great for big or small families are these cute photo cubes. You can also find links to more great top 10 lists at this link, because it’s from Oh Amanda who puts together the great Top Ten Tuesday linky for us every week.

What on your Christmas wish list this year? Are you making homemade gifts or have you found a way to shop inexpensively this year? Please share you secrets! πŸ™‚