If you could only renovate one place in your house, an overwhelming amount of people would definitely make changes to their kitchen. As one of the busiest and most central rooms in your home, the way your kitchen works — or doesn’t work — can have a big effect on your lifestyle. Having a functional kitchen that you can move around easily in while cooking is the most important feature in a well-planned design.

Kitchen renovations can be an expensive and time-consuming project that can throw your whole house out of whack. When you are planning your renovation you will have to keep your budget, your liveable space and construction time in mind at all times. You are better off to choose high-quality materials and fixtures rather than trendy expensive items that can quickly go out of style.

If you are looking for inspiration, there are kitchen remodel Washington DC designers and architects that have some innovative designs that you can check out. Take a look at the top “must have” features that you will want to include on your own kitchen renovation list.

Kitchen Remodel

Moving Island

This utility-style island with rollers for easy moving is perfect for smaller kitchens. When space is at a premium, you can still give yourself extra food preparation space with more counters that can be moved out of the way when necessary. An island can be multi-functional in any kitchen. Expand your seating area with stowable stools around the sides and use it as a dining table. You can also use them as a covered garbage and recycling station to keep everything organized and neat.


No one has ever complained about having too much storage in their kitchen. When coming up with your new design, consider some of your current storage challenges. Add things like a tall closet for larger items like mops and brooms. A pull out pantry with moveable interior drawers is a great place to keep all of your canned goods and staples. Don’t forget about putting in some easy slide drawers that are deep enough for pot and pan storage.


Every kitchen should be well lit with focused lighting over your work spaces. A light over your stove, your sink and your work areas is a great start. Have fun with your overhead lighting with anything from teardrop lamps to a chandelier. One of the most popular design options is the addition of under cabinet lighting. This can give you sufficient work light without the expense of having all of the lights blazing at once.

Quartz Countertops

If you are looking to stay on a budget and still leave some room for other features, you should consider going with a Quartz countertop instead of a marble or granite. Quartz is made from crushed stone and a hard resin that gives you a durable and easy to maintain surface. It is available in many colors or customized looks depending on your design. It is also less likely to crack, shatter from impact or stain, making it much easier to maintain with everyday living.

Farmhouse Sink

Add a little taste of nostalgia and eternal style for your kitchen with a farmhouse sink. These oversize vats are made from fired ceramic-covered metal and are a great addition to any busy kitchen. They are deep enough for pots and pans while being a bit lower to the ground, which is great for shorter users.