Look beyond the horrifying traffic jam and discover what hidden beauty lies within plain sight in Manila. The city continues to lure tourists by offering splendid adventure at affordable rates. Amidst all the noisy crowds, there lies friendly locals, breathtaking sights as well as historic landmarks. If you are yet to travel to Manila, you are missing out on a lifetime opportunity. Below are some of the remarkable reasons to visit Manila.

It’s home to well-conserved Spanish heritage

Filipinos continue to recognize and appreciate the 300-year rule of the Spaniards within the Philippines. They have incorporated the culture into their school curriculum, landmarks, historic building as well as museums, among other structures.

Once you get to tour Manila, you get a splendorous slice of Spanish colonial history. Get to savor this historical heritage while visiting san Agustin, the manila cathedral, as well as fort Santiago citadel.

Strong art scene 

You can never go wrong by choosing Manila if you have a deep appreciation for the art scene. The city gets adorned with vibrant cultural scenes. There lies amazing art galleries as well as museums in the city.

Get a chance to see the broad contemporary landscape, the phenomenal artist-led exhibits as well as national artistry. It’s time to see street art first hand. That’s not all. You can also find murals along the street, underneath bridges as well as the walkways. The Filipinos exhibit their simmering creativity by offering masterpieces.

It’s a time to interact with local musicians, ballerinas, poets, theater actors as well as singers. Once you interact with them, you can get inspiring performances, and your life will never be the same again

Delicious local cuisines 

While touring Manila, you are bound to get hungry at some point. However, that problem is already sorted out. The local meals are a must-try. Get to dine in some of the most excellent local restaurants or food stalls commonly referred to as the Carinderia, the food cards offer a variety of Filipino specialties that will leave your mouth and stomach asking for more.

It has one of the oldest Chinatown within the globe 

Chinatown within Manila gets referred to as Binondo. It’s home to the best attractions. The town is located in a hilly landscape and was initially home to Chinese immigrants who later turned Catholics.

Currently, it is one of the most-visited regions within the Philippines. It’s because it’s one of the few places with authentic Chinese cuisines as well as excellent bargain shopping. It’s time to enjoy budget-friendly meals which are quite tasty.

Ultimate shopping decisions 

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It’s a time to visit well-endowed establishments such as IMAX Theater, concert grounds, Olympic sized skating rinks among other conventional centers. Once you visit Manila, you can never run out of fun activities to indulge in on arrival. You can click here to book your next flight and have the trip of a lifetime.