If you’re planning a trip with your friends in the coming summer, then Europe is a great choice. And if you’ve decided on Europe, then you definitely need a list of some of the top places in Europe to visit with your friends. Though, almost all of Europe has something beautiful and amazing to see and experience but if you cannot cover all of it, then here’s a list of some of the popular European destinations that you must definitely visit.

  1. Barcelona, Spain
    For those who are fans of art and the Spanish football league, La Liga, this one is going to be a dream destination. Camp Nou is the home ground of the top football club, Barcelona Football Club which also conducts museum and stadium tours. The city is also known for its great art, so the culture vultures and the art fanatics are going to love this place. The unfinished church of the 1880s by Antoni Gaudi is a beautiful attraction that is famous for its view of the city and its museum. Museu Picasso is another must visit if you’re in Barcelona. They are mansions with some of the best works of Picasso, which will definitely be a treat to the eyes. Almost all of Europe has a great nightlife, so definitely add a great Spanish nightlife to your list of things to do in Barcelona.

Top place to visit on European Holiday

  1. Prague, Czech Republic
    Prague is another brilliant place in Europe to visit with your group of friends. This is especially popular for stag dos in Prague owing to the cheap beer that this city has to offer. You and your friends can expect to have a great time in this city, mostly on foot because most of the areas of Prague are pedestrian only, so it’s best explored by walking around town. The capital of Czech Republic and the City of a Hundred Spires, Prague is a beautiful city with Gothic churches and baroque structures to amaze you. It has a great nightlife as well, so once you and your friends are done exploring the history and culture of the city, you can have a good night at the pubs where they serve fresh and cheap ale.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    If you want a party experience fused with beautiful surroundings and art, then Amsterdam is the place. The famous coffee shops, numerous canals and the Van Gogh museum are just three of the many great attractions that the capital of Netherlands has to offer. Cycling is inherent to this city, so you and your friends can have a fun time exploring the city on cycles. The famous Anne Frank house is also in this city, so the history buffs and others of your gang will enjoy a tour of this house. Vondelpark has many cafes where you guys can chill and the red light district is a very famous area with pubs and bars for your gang to enjoy at night.
  1. Paris, France
    It goes without writing too much that Paris is another popular destination for European holidays. The city of the famous Eiffel Tower, macaroons, cakes and all things sweet, this capital city of France has a lot in store for your group of friends in terms of food, history, nightlife, and culture. The famous Louvre Museum housing the famous Mona Lisa is going to feed the art freaks of your gang with joy. The famous 13th-century cathedral Notre- Dame and the famous Arc De Triomphe are two must-see attractions of Paris. This city of love is also proud of its happening nightlife, so you can end your European holiday on a high note.

Top place to visit on European Holiday


Be it a summer break or a final trip with your friends before one of you ties the knot, a European holiday is going to be the perfect break from your otherwise mundane lives, to just chill out, explore a new place and bond with your friends. There are many more beautiful cities and countries in Europe that are definitely worth checking out, but the ones listed above are some of the most visited cities of Europe.