A destination bridal shower can be a unique experience for you and your guests and a fun way to celebrate your upcoming wedding. When it comes to planning such an event, you need to be organized and considerate of your guests.

Considering hosting a destination bridal shower? Then consider these top tips to pull it off successfully:

Send a Themed Bridal Shower Invitation

Set the mood with themed bridal shower invitations. The invitation should be stylish and give your guests an idea of what to expect from the event. Think about the destination and how it can be reflected in your invitation.

For example, a beachside destination bridal shower could be complemented with colors of blue and sand, or a weekend in the city could have a classic black and white or cocktail theme.

Give your Guests Time to Prepare

When you decide to have a destination bridal shower, your guests need time to prepare. They may need to save money, ask for time off work and organize someone to help with their family commitments.

Your favorite people are more likely to say yes when you give them advance notice, so don’t be afraid to send out your invitations for a destination bridal shower months in advance.

Set Up an Itinerary

Depending on the location of your bridal shower, you should have activities to suit all your guests. After all, they’re the ones taking the time to make the trip and celebrate with you, so try to make it as inclusive and fun as possible!

Give them an itinerary so they know what to expect, with details of the accommodations, events, and activities. Whether it’s massages, manicures, skydiving, sailing or motorbike riding, your guests will appreciate this type of information. An itinerary will also help them plan what to pack and determine whether your bridal shower is something they would like to attend.

Ask for Group Discounts

When you book activities, flights, and accommodations, you may be able to score any number of group discounts, benefiting you and your friends and giving them the adventure of a lifetime at a reasonable price.

Before sending out official invitations, give your guests a range of dates to help suit other people’s schedules. Once you have an estimated number of attendees, you can approach the appropriate companies. Sometimes a package deal might be an option when booking with a travel agency.

Have Options for Those Who Can’t Make It

If you decide to have a destination bridal shower, you need to be understanding as there may be some people who can’t make it. While you might feel disappointed, try not to take a “no” personally, as a long weekend getaway isn’t always convenient for everyone.

For those close to you who are unavailable, alternating options will ensure they don’t miss out. This could be a pamper day, a dinner party or a wine tour somewhere local.

Make Your Destination Bridal Shower a Success

Hosting your event away from home can be a memorable way to unwind and relax with friends before your big day. Use your bridal shower invitations to show your guests the theme of your bridal shower and include a detailed itinerary. When you have an estimated number of travelers, you can try to access group discounts. Give your friends and family time to plan, and be understanding if anyone is unable to attend. Most importantly…have fun!