There are many, great reasons to bring your children traveling with you. For one, it might be the only way you get to see the world. Alternatively, you might enjoy taking family vacations to new and interesting places, giving your children a worldly view at a young age.

Whatever your reasons, traveling with kids takes some extra planning. Iceland, while beautiful, takes some logistical planning to be great. While you look at Iceland Vacation Packages, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Stop at the Blue Lagoon First or Last

The Blue Lagoon is an incredibly popular tourist location, and one of the few attractions that charge entry in Iceland. It’s also conveniently located near the airport. So, rather than diving right into the tourist attractions when you arrive, and trusting your children to cooperate after a lengthy flight, consider stopping at the Blue Lagoon first. There, you’ll all have an incredible time splashing about in the warm water, offsetting your jetlag.

If you love the experience and have time to kill before your flight out of the country, consider going back on your way to the airport! This will give you all a chance to exhaust your extra energy before sitting on a plane for hours.

Don’t Overdo the Waterfalls

There are so many awe-inspiring waterfalls in Iceland that are a wonder to behold. However, children don’t always see the beauty in these magnificent natural attractions, especially after seeing more than a couple. To prevent waterfall-induced exhaustion and mood swings, choose a few of the waterfalls and incorporate other activities in the meantime.

Gullfoss, one of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland, is near the Geysir. The Geysir itself is a hot spring in an area surrounded by geothermal pools that jettisons into the sky intermittently. The rocks in the surrounding area are an array of incredible colors due to the mineral content of the water. Be warned though: some of the pools are boiling, so watch your children closely.

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See the Northern Lights

The Northern lights are a spectacle that makes your entire trip worthwhile. Best viewed in the cooler months, the lights dance across the sky in a magical, dreamlike way when night falls. Your children will love the opportunity to stay up late and take in this ethereal sight, so make an event of it!

Seeing the Northern lights is a great activity for evenings when you are trying to catch up on some rest and incorporating downtime so everyone can recuperate from their travels. If possible, take the time to do this activity in Thingvellir or Vik, both of which have other attractions (such as the continental rift and the black sand beach) with which to fill your time.

Make it an Adventure for Them

The possibility for adventures in Iceland is infinite. Let the children pick a few things, such as seeing an old airplane which has been stranded on a beach for over forty years or riding the famous Icelandic horses. Give them a scavenger hunt style list that incorporates things like learning an Icelandic word, touching The Sun Voyager sculpture, standing behind a waterfall, and finding an ice cavern.

The best part of this approach is that you can customize it to fit your itinerary, whether you book a vacation package with tours or put something together yourself. In the summer months, you can even camp and go fishing in the stunning vistas and experience the Midnight Sun. Empower your kids to feel like they’re a part of the planning process, and you’ll have a family vacation that is fun for everyone.

The land of ice and fire is a place that values adventure and a family-first attitude. Taking your kids to this magical place will ensure you have memories that last a lifetime. Be prepared for long stretches in a vehicle and small hotel rooms, and the rest will be easy.