Vacations are meant to be escapes from your normal life, not just for the kids but grown-ups too. Traveling with the whole family can be challenging and easily overwhelming. It does get easier the more times you do it, but challenges are bound to arise when you travel with kids. For a family trip to go well, you need proper preparation to reduce stress and to make sure everyone has maximum fun. Not sure how to navigate this, these five tips have you covered.

Involve your kids in planning for your vacation

This is a great way to get them excited about a trip. Exploring new places with kids and shape your itinerary to include everyone. Be sure to mention the travel budget and look for creative ways to stay within your budget while incorporating fun activities. Have playgrounds and local kid fun spots as well as fun only you and your spouse will enjoy for a little alone time.

Think about getting around 

Moving from one location can be hectic with kids. Not forgetting the inconveniences that come with public transport. Renting a car solves this problem, keeps everyone stress free and gives you the peace of mind you need to create your schedule. Check sites like Globecar rentals offer great family packages. Pre-book your car to lower your rate and make sure your license is valid. Check out insurance options beforehand and determine how much you need to invest for this convenience.

Packing for the trip

Start packing early to reduce the chances of forgetting essentials. It helps to have a list of everything you need from sunscreen, bug sprays, and medication. Bring things that are familiar and important to the kids’ routines like favorite toys, a blanket, or a pillow. If you have small kids that need to be carried, pack light to make the commute easier.

Have time to slow down

Planning for extra time is vital when traveling with kids. Everything will take longer than you expect from checking in, getting through security to boarding the plane. Get up earlier and help your kids get ready in good time. Kids need your attention, and caring for them can be overwhelming. Keep a flexible schedule is less stressful for everyone, and it gives you enough time to relax after a long day of fun.

Stock up on snacks

Snacks can be a great distraction, especially on long road trips. You don’t want your children sugared up jumping up and down, but you don’t want them hungry either. Pack healthy, nutritious snacks like apples and sandwiches. Have enough water with you and always ask your little ones if they are hungry. Snacks are also a good bargaining chip to make sure your kids behave. You can promise them an ice cream treat if they behave themselves.

Keep them entertained

Load your kids’ favorite movies, cartoons, or songs onto your tablet or carry their favorite CDs along. This can serve as a great way to beat the boredom. You can also bring their favorite toys and play with them for a little while.

Family trips don’t have to be exhausting; neither do they need to be draining. With proper planning and the tips we have shared, everyone will have a great time.