You have a patio space, but it’s no longer the cool place to hang out. Maybe you have a new addition to your house, or perhaps it’s just time for a new outdoor space. Either way, it’s time to update your patio design and transform that space into something more sophisticated and polished.

To help you on your patio transformation journey, we have prepared the following infographic that gives you some general information about transforming your outdoor living space. With the introduction of designer floors honed concrete, your outdoor living space will have a new modern look to it. Here are a few outdoor flooring solutions to upgrade your patio space.

Hardwood: Timeless and Traditional

Functional, stylish, and affordable, hardwood is the perfect material for your outdoor design. Hardwood flooring is timeless and traditional, yet it also has a beautiful, modern appeal. It is excellent for outdoor spaces and can be durable and stain resistant. If you want to upgrade your patio space, hardwood will look good and feel good under your feet.

Composite Decking: A Long-Lasting Hardwood Floor Alternative

Composite decking is a popular long-lasting hardwood floor alternative. This type of decking can be easily installed with minimal effort, and it is also easy to maintain. It has the same look and texture as natural wood, but it lasts longer. An increasing number of Americans opt for composite decking because it is more affordable, offers an attractive appearance, and lasts longer than other hardwood floors.

The durability of composite decking makes it ideal for outdoor spaces like patios. The extensive use of composite decking in outdoor areas has created a new trend in patio designs. These designs are made to look and feel like natural wood decks while providing an all-weather surface for entertaining guests or relaxing at the end of the day.

Natural Stone: Full of Natural Beauty

Natural stone is a natural and renewable resource. It’s durable, can be found in nearly every region of the world, and looks great in indoor and outdoor spaces. The best part is that it’s relatively easy to maintain, as long as the correct chemicals are used. Natural stone has become more popular than ever due to its versatility and beauty.

It can be used for patios, flooring, countertops, roofs, facades, etc. Natural Stone has been around for a very long time. It is a beautiful and durable material that can be used to create any patio space. To get the best value from this type of stone, you should consider installing it on your patio.

Artificial Grass: Lawns Without the Lawnmower

Artificial grass does not need to be installed and maintained, so there is no need for a lawnmower. Artificial grass is environmentally friendly and helps you save on water, fertilizer, and time. This type of grass is also a great option for patios that do not have much space. They can be placed in smaller areas like gardens or patios and outdoor room designs such as courtyards and plazas.