Mackenzie has recently been getting more use out of her vocal chords, cooing at us more, almost having little conversations with us and really letting us know when something upsets her. Like if she’s been laying on the changing table too long and she wants me to hurry up and finish changing her clothes, she’ll start wailing as if I’ve just cut off one of her toes. This may be coupled with the “I’m hungry” wail which might lead you to believe that she has not eaten for several weeks and she is going to die right there if you make her wait another second.

And she fully grasps the concept of startling. Last Saturday the three humans were in the living room while doggo did her best to convince us that is was indeed time for the morning walk. As we sat on the couch downing some coffee, the doorbell rang and Ayla let out one of her protective big girl barks. Poor little Mackie responded as if the world was indeed going to end and had just started falling on her head. We needed a few moment of very intense cuddling and soothing to get over that shock.

It’s simply incredible how she’s starting to react to us and toys. She’s reaching out for them now and you can get her giggling just by looking at her right. Or by letting Mortimer (the Lamaze moose from Aunt Katie) romp around the playpen and over her head.


She also loves blowing bubbles. I’m going to enter her in a gum chewing competition later in life…I’m sure she’s going to go places with that!