Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? For many, Valentine’s Day isn’t something they choose to celebrate. They may buy a card but most loathe to spend money on the holiday, citing its consumerist vibes as the sole reason why it exists. Plus, for those on a budget, these various events throughout the year can really damage the wallet.

Yes, shops and supermarkets do make money from Valentine’s Day, but why can’t it simply be a day for you to show your other half in a nice way just how much you care for them? In fact, it doesn’t even need to be celebrated solely by couples! Galentine’s Day is a new trend picking up pace, as girls celebrate the love they have for their closest friends by planning to spend time with one another and perhaps even swapping a small, meaningful gift.

Families can also celebrate Valentine’s together, simply choosing to spend time with one another or doing something special to make each other smile. With this in mind, if you refused to celebrate this year perhaps consider doing a little something now, just to show someone special just how much you love them.

Debt management company PayPlan created a really helpful guide this year, featuring some fun things you can do with someone you love to celebrate your relationship – and all for very little money.

One of their ideas was to create a memory box, which is something that can be personalised to suit anyone’s tastes and be filled with truly special snapshots and memories for the other person to enjoy. Simply by scouring the house for cinema tickets, dinner receipts and old photographs you can put together a beautiful gift for someone, collating all those special moments together.

Another great idea suggested by PayPlan was a simple dinner for two – or for a whole family if you’re spreading the love! The act of cooking a homemade meal can definitely show someone just how much you care for them, especially if you create something they really enjoy and without being prompted.

Candles and a cheerful bunch of flowers are cheap to source but can help create that romantic vibe too at dinner. Pasta is a safe choice when it comes to cooking on a budget, but supermarkets also do great ‘meal deals’ at the weekend, with three courses available for a set amount of money – usually between £10-£20. Have kids but no budget for a babysitter? No problem…do a weekend date night at home when they’re all in bed!

So, forget about forfeiting Valentine’s Day this year. It’s never too late to simply take a moment to appreciate the one you love and do something small but special for them on a budget to celebrate your time together.

Do you do something special for Valentine’s Day each year? Or do you try to make every day special?