Home Sweet Home!!! After almost 1000km in two days we have finally returned home. The second day of this trip was almost more fun than the first and the sights and landscapes of this beautiful region just kept blowing us away. We started the morning with a huge breakfast served in our Hotel. It was a typically French affair with Cheese, Jambon, Croissants and Baguettes.

Feeling stuffed we decided it would be good if we walked the few steep steps to the top of the cliff to check out the Rocher de Dabo.Unfortunately the weather still hadn’t cleared up, and the wind was blowing relentlessly on at the church. Due to the foggy weather we couldn’t make use of the clever walls pointing us in the right direction to view nearby cities from the mountain top.

Alsace France top of the hill

On we went through windy forest roads, sometimes seeing only a few meters ahead of us due to the heavy fog. Our next stop was a small Concentration Camp, Natzweiler-Strutzhof, used to house prisoners from the French resistance movement. This small Camp was an erie site and we would have really loved to visit the inside. Unfortunately we arrived during lunch hour and did not have time to wait for the next tour.

Alsace France Concentration Camp, Natzweiler-Strutzhof

After several more wrong turns we found ourselves in beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies as the morning fog had finally lifted.

Alsace France blue skies

We started to get hungry and turned into the first restaurant hoping that we could still find some food at 2.30pm on a Sunday afternoon.

The “Restaurant des bon Pecheurs” ( is located in Colroy-La-Roche and is a relatively small local place with Foosball table in the middle of the guest room, but yet tasteful. With my broken French I asked the lady if the kitchen was still open and she responded that she would ask the Chef. When she returned I believe she said: “The kitchen is closed, but the cook can make you some meat and potatoes”. We where definitely not ready for what came next. Three beautiful steaks accompanied by roasted potatoes and a mixed salad, Heavenly and it only cost us ten Euros per person.

Alsace meat and potatoes
On we continued until finally reaching the vineyards of Ribeauville a quaint little town surrounded by wine fields. We stopped to shop for a few more souvenirs and finally made our way back to Germany.

Alsace France Ribeauville

Aside from several adventurous detours due to traffic jams along the Autobahn the return trip was smooth and we are sad to see this weekend end. This short two day outing felt more like a week to us and we know our longer roadtrips will be even more fulfilling.