If you work a 9-5 job and are looking to make more money in your spare time, you may want to find a way to make a secondary income. Here are some options that could help you earn more money:

Selling products online:

By listing products on sites like Amazon and eBay you can earn some money very quickly. That used printer you have? Someone else is probably looking for the same model at a good price. That product variation that you haven’t seen on Amazon yet? List it online and simply ship it to customers after receiving the payment or go through sites like Gumtree or Shpock, if you would like them to pick it up and pay in cash.

While many people use these methods, other ways may allow you to generate even more profit: Drop shipping. Here the products are directly shipped from supplier to consumer. If you set up an online store and offer drop shipping, you essentially don’t have to take care of any of the shipping or returns.

Customers simply pay for the products in your store and suppliers will then send the items directly to them. It’s simple. While this is a great way to earn money, remember to read reviews on the drop shipping suppliers first and choose who you do business with carefully. Some suppliers are known to ship poor quality products and shipping times can sometimes be very long. If you treat drop shipping like any other business, you can potentially earn a lot of money.


Creating a blog can be a lucrative pastime. After taking some time to build up an authoritative niche blog, businesses will reach out to your blog. Aside from writing posts, creating a blog also involves learning marketing strategies and investing time in making your blog known to readers. The more people follow and read your blog, the bigger the chance that brands will sponsor you.


Those who master trading are able to make it into a full time living, forex trading allows you to make money from home and create a secondary income. There is a good reason for forex being the largest financial market in the world by trading volume and there are many ways to invest. Even if you are starting out with a smaller budget, you can quickly work your way up and potentially earn more money by learning about the market and understanding how to take advantage of certain methods that are available to you.


You can use your skills to make money from freelancing for businesses, graphic design, content writing etc. You are essentially your own little business and can offer your services directly to companies, for example, by talking to shop owners or brands, or you could work with agencies online who will pay you for your skills for projects requested by their clients.

Sell old items: 

If you have lots of items laying around the house and need a month’s income, you can sell these items on second hand selling sites like eBay. People are often surprised by how much money you can make selling your unwanted things.