It was a very productive day for us today. Aside from the things we got accomplished in the morning, we also knocked a lot of tasks off our to-do list during the rest of the day.

Hubby got up on the roof again to try to hook up the satellite dish. We went about it a bit smarter this time around, though, and with a bit more safety. I parked my Defender in the alley on the side of our house and we tied a rope to my roof rack. He then used an ascender to help him climb up onto the roof from the ladder and was able to feel relatively safe up there. Unfortunately we still weren’t able to switch out the old satellite head because the mounting bracket on the current dish is too small. So we’ll have to call a satellite guy to come out and do it for us. I don’t think hubby has any desire to spend more time up there.

Aside from that, we moved one of the shelves in our living room out into the former dining room. We’re hoping to find the time and inspiration to build some custom shelves for our DVD collection to fit in the living room and the shelf wouldn’t really fit in there afterwards. We also moved our wicker chaise lounges from the barn into our bedroom. We’re not exactly sure that we’ll use them much in there but at least they’re out of the barn. We also moved two IKEA shelves into the extra room to use for extra close space. That move wasn’t totally without incident, though. Our staircase leading upstairs is very narrow so that was the first challenge. Then we found out that the bookshelves are barely small enough to fit into the room. We had to flip them just right but we managed alright. Then we were able to unpack another 6 big boxes that were full of clothes.

We also did a few other small things like moving all the random tools out to the workshop in the barn and organizing things out there a bit. But it was pretty chilly out there so we didn’t want to spend too much time out there. Hopefully the winter will be ending soon and we can start doing more work outside. It was actually quite nice outside for a few hours and we’re looking forward to grilling this evening. It will be our first time cooking a real meal in the house which will be a nice change from ordering take out every night.