Once again an empty container is sitting in our courtyard. It’s actually very hard for me to not go out there and start filling it up the second it arrives…but that’s not fair to Stefan who is still at work…and it’s looking like it will start pouring rain at any second so perhaps it’s better to stay inside where it’s dry. We’re supposed to get some light rain this evening and perhaps some more tomorrow evening but otherwise it should be fairly dry and still not too hot. Seems like perfect weather to get real dirty hauling trash out of our farm 😉

I went around and took a few photos of the target areas to clean up. One of the starting points is in the horse stables which are going to be the focus of many posts to come, I’ve sure. I mentioned the remaining bird housing the other day in a post and here it is. It’s not all that much but each piece is screwed into the wall about 20 times so it will just take a little time and figuring out the best way to take the puzzle apart.

This is what will become the bedroom part of the guest house and the feed trough along the wall will be coming out also. There is a bunch of other stuff around this room also since we were using it for storage and we’ll have to figure out exactly what we’re going to do with it all now. Just dumping it in the barn anywhere isn’t going to work because we’re nearly out of room there already and hope to start cleaning at least part of that up before the housewarming party just in case we need to move the party indoors.

Here are more bird cages which I really would like to dispose of this time around if possible. I keep feeling like some of the local birds may start building nests around here and it’s still not really hygenic around there. So if there is room in this container I hope to get rid of the rest of this stuff. That will leave only one bird area on the farm which is self-contained and I can handle having it stay there for a while longer.

Here is the pile of plastic sheeting we will be trashing from the barn. Yes, this could have been put to use elsewhere but the dog has used it for a restroom area now and I now have no interest to use it anywhere but in the container. When we get this stuff moved out then we should be able to get to the wall where the leak is and hopefully fix it up without any trouble.

More wood in the workshop which will ultimately be trashed. Both the tall cabinet and the one resting on it’s side on top of this cabinet will hopefully go into this trash container. We basically need to clear this stuff out so that we can sort through a big pile of long wood pieces which are on the side of the barn and move them into this corner. Eventually this corner will become part of Stefan’s woodworking workshop but I think he can do without it for a while longer.

All in all not too terrible but still some work to be done. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us and we won’t get soaked during the process. And with any luck we will have sunshine next week so we can repair the wall outside and even get started on painting…