When people think about pollution and harmful contaminants in the air, images of smog usually go through their minds. What many people fail to realize, however, is that some of the dirtiest air we breathe is actually located right in our own homes.

Indoor air quality safety is a massive concern — especially in situations where central air circulation systems are the primary means of keeping the air clean and fresh. And unfortunately, these are systems that homeowners sometimes do not regularly maintain and care for.

The fact of the matter is that your indoor air quality can be having a serious negative impact on your health, and you may not even be aware of it. The EPA’s Indoor Environments Division has been conducting research on potential indoor environmental issues, and discovered that there are many health risks that are present inside of the home. There are numerous different sources of pollution, including radon, moisture, mold, secondhand smoke, wood smoke, and numerous other environmental asthma triggers. These contaminants can cause both short and long term respiratory issues, especially if the residents have been living for extended periods of time in the area.

Typically, these indoor pollution problems are caused by the ventilation in the home. Poorly functioning units, or ones that have not been serviced by an HVAC contractor in the last year are among the leading causes of air quality problems.


When your ventilation unit is not functioning properly, it recirculates the same stale air, over and over, building up the pollution levels inside of your home. Higher temperatures and humidity levels can also have a negative effect, increasing the concentration of some pollutants. One of the best ways to help clean up your home’s pollution levels, in addition to removing common sources of pollution, is to invest in an indoor air quality service.

The right professionals can help you keep your home clean by performing necessary maintenance work on your HVAC system. Improving indoor air quality begins with your ventilation, and one of the most important things that these professionals can do is make sure that your system is running properly again. All it takes is one visit, and they can help you identify common problems that you may be facing, while providing you with easy solutions. They will perform any necessary repairs, and even help you decide whether or not you might need to have your system replaced for a more efficient model.

If you are interested in establishing a healthier indoor air quality, it is recommended for you to look through a listing of potential professionals around your local area. Look for terms that will help you find a well trained, established firm. So if you live in Anaheim, you’d try looking for an Anaheim indoor air quality service to schedule your indoor air quality testing.