Making clothing from hemp is not a new idea and there are quite a few benefits from doing so. But unfortunately, the hemp plant has gotten a bad rep for political reasons that have nothing to do with its many industrial uses or incredible durability. Thankfully it has not deterred many companies like prAna from creating a fantastic line of hemp clothing which is stylish, sustainable, lightweight and comfortable.

When the company reached out to me recently about trying a few items from their line of hemp products, I was excited but a little hesitant. Many times when you think of hemp clothing, you think of a patchouli-infested hippie with a scratchy pancho and fraying dreads. But hemp clothing is so much more than that today — and the options from prAna in their hemp line are truly fantastic.

I picked out the following pieces which I felt best suited my style. One thing I loved about shopping on the website is their True Fit sizing guide. This is the first website I’ve seen with that technology and I loved being able to select the size of other favorite clothes I already to help me select the best size and fit for clothing on the prAna website.


Black Herringbone Mantra Pant

I selected size M which fits my 5’11” frame perfectly. The length is awesome and these are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever had on – yet they still have a beautiful style and cut that allows them to be worn in public. I have a 34-inch inseam so I absolutely love that these pants touch the ground when I wear them. They’re not like sweatpants or your typical yoga pants in any way – but just as roomy and stretchable as them. I absolutely love the woven texture of the herringbone on these pants which gives them a very classy feel. The fabric is smooth yet durable to the touch and they are so LONG.  Check out these pants at the following link:

Blue Heather Cozy Up Zip Up Jacket

A great all-purpose sweatshirt with hoodie and zipper for easy on-off. The inside of this jacket is the softest fabric I have ever experienced and I just love putting it on. The fabric is thick and feels very warm — and I certainly hope that there will be cooler days ahead where I can wear it out and about. I chose size M which has a nice sleeve length for my tall frame.  Learn more about this jacket at the following link:

Black Beaker Skirt

This is a sleek and stylish pencil skirt which looks so much better on than one can ever imagine. The fabric is rougher and more rugged, but it gives it a jeans-like quality that can make this both a casual and a more dressy skirt. I selected size M which really hugs my curves and the lines of the skirt really accentuate my long, slender legs. Click the following link to get more details about this skirt:


More About Hemp Clothing

Did you know that hemp is anti-microbial (to repel bacteria and more) and thermo-conductive (so it feels cool when you touch it and expels heat)? Be sure the check out the great video below from prAna called “Why Hemp Matters – Kind of a Wonder Crop” that discusses some of the many amazing qualities of hemp fibers and why they are so desirable for clothing.

Is there something you need for your closet this fall? Use the following discount code when you shop prAna online to get 15% off: PHTM18

What are your favorite products from the prAna hemp line? Share with us below.


Note: I received the clothing mentioned in this post for free from prAna so I could become more familiar with their brand and the products. The opinions expressed in this post about the products are my own.