The presence of scorpions in your home can be a nightmare. If you’re frustrated by infestations in your living spaces, remember, you aren’t in this fight alone. You can always request professional assistance from a team of pest control experts like those at Moxie Pest Control.

If you’ve been searching high and low for the finest home scorpion removal services the market has to offer, all you have to do is perform a simple online search for professional extermination services in the area. If scorpions are infesting your home or garden, nothing can top the expertise of adept pest management aficionados.

Do you have a nasty home scorpion infestation?

How do you know if scorpions are infesting your home? If you live in a home that has ample shade, it may be particularly susceptible to scorpion invasions, as these pests are drawn to shady hangout spots or cooler areas in general. If there are citrus trees on your property, they may attract scorpions to your home.

Have you noticed a rise in tiny insects roaming around your property? If you have, this may indicate a scorpion infestation. Due to their venomous sting, you should never shrug off the presence of crickets or cockroaches—common prey of the scorpion. The presence of one pest will often point to a nest of scorpions.

Don’t forget that scorpions revel in consuming tiny bugs that run freely around your living spaces. If your residence has turned into a haven for small insects, it may also be a hub for potentially life-threatening scorpions that will attack when threatened.

If you’re experiencing a spiraling scorpion problem, then you may actually spot one of these pests scurrying around your home. If you observe one in or close to your property, this can be a red flag. Generally speaking, the presence of one scorpion implies the existence of a horde of scorpions that could be lurking in the dark corners of your home.

Keeping scorpion Infestations at bay

You should do your part to safeguard your living space against a persistent and undesirable scorpion infestation. If you want to keep infestations of these stubborn pests at bay, there are numerous pest control strategies you can implement. Sealing gaping holes and crevices in your property’s exterior and interior is an excellent start. Homes are covered in seemingly countless openings and gaps. Outlets, vents,and unscreened exits are usually responsible for a scorpion’s entry into your home. In many situations, these pests can gain access to your home through unsealed entryways, unsealed cracks in your foundation, and gaping crevices in your window frames.

If you want to stop scorpions from invading your home throughout the year, sealing or filling the cracks in your home’s exterior will put you on back on the right track. You can hire a professional pest control service to install window screens, or you can seal these cracks and crevices yourself using a window frame sealant.

Before you decide, assess your door or window situation. If you don’t want these exasperating arthropods taking up precious real estate inside of your home, you should focus on cracks and crevices in your door frames. Are there any gaps below your doors? If there are, you should evaluate whether or not a scorpion would be able to fit inside them.

You may be able to close gaps with the assistance of a door sweep. Door sweeps are easy to install and don’t interfere with the shutting or opening of your doors. Clearing debris and dirt in your backyard may also ward off these stinging pests. Scorpions tend to be attracted to firewood and other scrap materials. If you have heaps of firewood stacked outside your property, then relocating or disposing of this loose firewood may do the trick. Once these pests scope out your property and realize hiding spaces are limited, they’ll seek refuge elsewhere.

Scorpion prevention may be a lot simpler than you might suspect. If you don’t want to endure the hassle of a scorpion infestation, you should invest time and energy into the extermination process. Take charge by eliminating standing water. You’ll need to devote special attention to the dimly-lit parts of your home, including any closets or cabinets.

Don’t forget that scorpions are infamous for chowing down on insects, with a particular preference for crickets. If you want to mitigate scorpion infestations on your property, you’ll need to eradicate the crickets thriving on your property.  How exactly can you discourage the presence of crickets? You can do so by switching lights off outside in the evening hours.

A cooling unit with an annoying water leak may garner attention from populations of scorpions. If you want to stop these headache-inducing arachnids in their tracks, then you’ll need to repair your air conditioning system leakage immediately.

Contact the capable team at Moxie Pest Control

If you’re committed to resolving existing pest infestations, you’ll need to consult professional exterminators. The pest management wizards at Moxie Pest Control are well-versed in a scorpion’s lifestyle, food sources, or trigger points.

When you recruit the experts, you’ll be able to enjoy a pest-free home. Moxie Pest Control’s team of professionals will deploy state-of-the-art pesticides and traces that are proven effective at pest management. Because these pest control professionals undergo extensive training, they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. Call today for a complimentary scorpion management quote.