Love to travel? If you answered yes, you’re probably already planning your next trip. Making plans, going over all the details in your head, and picking out your must-see spots in faraway cities are all part of the fun.

Now picture who is coming with you on that trip. Is it a friend, a parent, a partner? Or maybe you’re riding solo. What about your beloved pet by your side? That’s right. People travel with their pets all the time!

Although this type of travel companion isn’t for everyone, a lot of people make it work. Of course, this decision comes with its fair share of pros and cons. We’re here to cover some of the most common ones. Keep reading for more info!


It Is Emotionally Beneficial

Traveling with your furry friend will undoubtedly improve your mood. We all know that companionship with an animal offers emotional benefits. They help reduce anxiety, stress, and boredom. Most planes allow pets to board.

If your animal is an emotional support animal, you need to abide by some rules, much like traveling with any pet. ESAs have some legal protections when it comes to transport. Make sure you have all your paper work such as your ESA registration and

Offers More Opportunities to Explore

If you’re traveling with a dog, you’ll likely find new spots you never even thought to explore. It might be a dog-friendly hiking trail, a secluded beach area, or a beautiful restaurant with outdoor seating. Trust us, your pet wants to explore the world just as much as you do!

You Don’t Have to Pay for a Sitter Back Home

Traveling with your furry friend means you save some money on pet care. If you leave for a trip, the best-case scenario would be asking a friend or family member to watch your pal for little to nothing. But not everyone has that advantage. And sitters, although they are a fantastic resource, can get expensive!

Most Places You’ll Go are Pet-Friendly

Nowadays, it’s easy to find pet-friendly hotels. It’s also easy to find local restaurants and airlines that are as well. This is a monumental shift from even a decade ago. More and more businesses are realizing that pets are people too! Not sure if a spot allows animals? Give it a quick search on ask around.


Pet-Related Travel Fees Can Add Up

One of the downsides to traveling with your furry friend is the cost. Although you save money on kennels or sitters back home, there is a tradeoff.

Most airlines do charge some fee for in-cabin animals if they allow animals on the flight at all. Hotels also have costs that they will apply to your stay.

Unfamiliar Spaces Make Some Pets Anxious

Before you plan a trip with your companion, be aware that travel isn’t for every four-legged friend. Sometimes, unfamiliar spaces make pets anxious. If your animal has a somewhat nervous or territorial disposition, it may not be for them. If they experience mild anxiety, anti-anxiety medication is a potential solution.

More Preparation and Packing is Required

Last but not least, traveling with your buddy means taking packing and preparation seriously. Make sure to bring their food along with bowls. Pack any toys, leashes, or other accessories you think they’ll need. Plus any critical medications. During the trip, remember to plan bathroom breaks and stick to feeding schedules.


With the right amount of planning and budgeting, you can bring your pet on your next adventure. You’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures along the way!