Apparently my husband and I are very slow learners. As we mentioned in an earlier post, Ayla helped herself to a nice Black Angus steak on Friday night while no one was looking. We couldn’t be mad at her since we understood that it was completely our fault for trusting that she would resist such a huge temptation and for not watching closer when she’s left mostly unattended. But we did feel a bit stupid last night when she stole two steaks last night.

Hubby and I were home alone and grilling again since the weather was quite nice yesterday although still pretty chilly out at night. But I’m a Texas girl and have converted my husband to be a Texas guy so we never pass up the chance to use our Weber grill, part of the reason we’re very much looking forward to warmer weather and longer days.

As we stood outside sipping Coronas and waiting for the grill to get ready, we once again let our guard slide and were just chatting by the fire. We glanced into the kitchen windows and say Ayla with her paws up on the counter. I yelled for her to get off and walked in to check the damage. I imagined she had licked all the spices off or drooled all over them…but in fact, our precious little puppy wolfed down both of our steaks. These were not as nice as the steaks we had the other night…but we were not thrilled with ourselves.

Again, we weren’t mad at the dog, just felt rather dumb that we’d been duped into thinking she wouldn’t pull that stunt again and somewhat impressed that she’d just packed away about 500g (18 oz) of protein in addition to her regular dinner portion of kibble and canned food which she’d had about two hours earlier.

How could we be tricked into believing that innocent face of hers again? Well, she was laying far away from the steaks and hadn’t shown an interest at all. Such a good actress she is and we are clearly the most gullible people around. Imagine what fun our children are going to have with us lol.

Thankfully we just bought a box of frozen steaks so we were able to thaw out a couple more in a few minutes and the grill wasn’t quite hot yet. So we still threw two steaks on the grill and had dinner as planned…just a little later than first anticipated and with a bit more beer. Ayla’s first birthday is coming up on Friday so we’re thinking perhaps we’ll finally grill her a steak of her own for dinner. She clearly likes them quite a bit and her kibble is made with Black Angus after all. Our little Newf spoiled before she even hits that first birthday?? What would make you say that? 😉