There were many reasons why we wanted to move back to Florida after our 12 year stint in Europe. The weather was a huge factor. And as I read through these other health benefits of living in a sunnier, beach-like climate, I have a few more good excuses for settling back down here.

Each year, thousands of people decide to up sticks and move to a different country to start a new life. There are a lot of benefits that come with moving abroad and one of the biggest is the positive effects it can have on your happiness and overall health. As with anything in life, you’ll need to conduct plenty of research into your chosen country before you decide whether or not it’s right for you. Some destinations, such as Portugal, are more popular than others with plenty of affordable, beautiful properties available through sites like


Heading to a sunnier climate

One of the biggest driving forces behind a planned move abroad for many people is the weather. It’s no big secret that the UK suffers with unpredictable weather and northern US states have seen their share of bad weather during the last few winters. The summer months may provide a few hot days, but they tend to be few and far between. European destinations in southern regions tend to boast hotter, drier weather for most of the year.

Not only does the sun help to make you feel happier, it also has great benefits to your health. According to the BBC, scientists have now reported that the benefits of getting out in the sun may actually outweigh the potential risks of skin cancer. It’s said that getting plenty of sun can help to lower your blood pressure, which in turn cuts your risk of strokes and heart attacks. Of course, that isn’t to say you should stop using sun protection. You’ll still need to slap on the sun cream before exposing your skin to the elements.

Another health benefit that comes from sun exposure is an increase in Vitamin D. This essential vitamin is important for your general health, as well as for keeping your bones and muscles strong and healthy. If you aren’t currently getting enough Vitamin D, it could be having all kinds of negative effects on your health.


photo credit: Tusken91 via photopin cc

photo credit: Tusken91 via photopin cc

A more relaxed pace of life

Another huge advantage to moving abroad is the fact that it could provide you with a more relaxed pace of life. This helps to lower stress levels, which in turn provides a wide range of benefits to your health. High levels of stress cause problems in all areas of your life. It can affect your sleep, contribute to relationship problems and increase the chances of developing various health conditions. So moving to a country with a more relaxed pace of life can really help to improve your overall health.


Things to consider

Of course, moving abroad is a big decision. While it can have plenty of positive health benefits, there are a lot of risks involved. It’s vital that you do as much research as you can on the country you’re thinking of moving to. There are all kinds of legal obligations to take into consideration. has produced a great guide on everything you need to think about before moving to another country. If you are moving with a spouse or your family, also keep in mind that an international move can be very stressful both before and after you move.

Overall, moving abroad may be the best thing that you do for your health and happiness. But do your research and make sure that you go into it with a realistic idea of what is to come and all the steps involved to get moved and settled in.