I don’t know who I’m more irritated with at the moment…the dog or myself. Of course when she’s laying under the dining table where I’m sitting and sleeping so nice and peacefully it’s really hard to hold a grudge. Alas, I knew I should have changed my jeans when we got home today but just figured that since she has been pretty good with my clothes (well jeans at least since we still have some issues with sweaters) that it would be safe to leave them on since the others are so filthy and there was no doubt that some of the neighbors kids would be coming by to play at some point today…you can only look like a slob so many times they see you and they wouldn’t believe for a second that this little 25 pound ball of fluff and energy we have could have caused my dirty clothes. So jeans #2 has been claimed by the dog (3 pants total) but I guess I can at least warrent a new pair now. 😉

Just when I started to think I would have to start pulling my hair out, our wonderful neighbors came by with some ice cream for me. Such an amazingly nice surprise and so well timed for Ayla’s behalf that it must have been divine intervention..

Otherwise it was a rather smooth day. We went to the customs office this morning to pick up our final package of goodies from LL Bean for our Spain trip. As usual she was perfect in the Defender and you have to love those oh so exciting moments when I get back in the car and get Newfie kisses galore as if I’ve been gone for days. She can be such a sweetheart when she’s not trying to eat me.

She also got to play with our neighbor’s son a bit today. He came over with another little girl from down the street who is probably around 6 or so. Ayla was pretty wound up and was jumping all over hereand nipping at her…basic littermate sort of behavior…and this little girl took it like a man. No whining, barely any fussing, just wanted the dog to stop going crazy on her. We put her on a leash (the dog, not the little girl) and were able to get her a bit calmer but it definitely made it clear that we need to socialize Ayla more around little kids.