Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful experiences that a person can go through in their life. While we have no control over some of the more difficult and traumatic situations we encounter, moving house can be managed: when relocating you can actively help to reduce your stress levels through order and organisation. Read on to find out more.


Self Storage

When you’re moving house you’re likely to be short on space. There will be people moving in and out of your home trying to tip toe around your belongings; it can be a very stressful situation. The good news is that it is an experience that you can avoid entirely with good organisation. The key to this is to earn yourself extra space by using a self storage facility. Companies such as Ready Steady Store offer a variety of low cost, convenient storage spaces in which you can keep lots of your things in the build up to your big move.


Once you have your things safely stowed away you’ll find that there is a lot more room for everybody to move in, it will also reduce the chance of your possessions being damaged. An added advantage of using an off site storage unit is that it helps to spread your move over two locations. This means fewer people coming and going from your house, which can be an important factor in reducing your stress levels.


photo credit: Finn Frode (DK) via photopin cc

photo credit: Finn Frode (DK) via photopin cc

Write things down

Much of the stress associated with moving house relates to the sheer volume of jobs that you have to do. Although it seems like an absolute mountain of work it is important that you face these tasks head on by writing them all down. This is the only way that you hope to fully comprehend all the chores you have to do, and the only way that you can hope to get them all in order.


Start earlier than you think

Stress can really start to hit home when you think that you’re running out of time. Not only do you start to panic, which can impede lucid thought, you also start to take short cuts and rush things. To avoid this stress you need to get organised well before time.


There are a few jobs that you can get on with way in advance of your move. One of these tasks is getting notification cards printed with your new address on. Cards like these are the easiest way to let people know about your move and there is no limit on how early you can do this. You could also think about advising various organisations, such as your bank and power supplier, about your impending move.