With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other forms of social media taking over the world lately, you might wonder if the humble website has had its day. Well, we don’t think so! Websites are still hugely important for many kinds of people and deserve to be seen. Why should you be interested in using a website builder to help kickstart your online presence? We’ll tell you why here:

Social media can be hit or miss

While Facebook and the other giants of social media all look like they’ll be here to stay, you can never quite know. MySpace and Vine were huge back in the day, but both saw a big decline in users who got bored with the platform and jumped ship to other companies. It may happen that Instagram stops being cool in 10 years and there will be something else for uploading and sharing pictures! If properly updated and maintained, websites keep a steady digital presence and don’t give in to fads or trends. A good website now will still be a good website in 10 years.


A digital portfolio

For any creative people out there, such as web designers, photographers or copywriters, it’s important to keep a website updated so that if you ever want to direct potential employers to your portfolio, you can do so easily with a URL link. It looks professional and instantly displays your talent and dedication to your craft – something that companies love to see.


Setting up a web shop

Love to make handmade items and want to start earning some money with this hobby? Starting a web shop is one of the best ways to do this, as even though eBay and Etsy are great for finding customers, these sites take a big chunk out of your sales. Keep all the profits yourself and find new customers searching for your items – be it vintage fashion, paintings, sewing creations, etc. – by getting your site online and letting people find you.


Advertise your business

These days, every restaurant, café, bar, gardening service – really any business at all – needs a website to help their advertising and build their customer base. Before visiting a restaurant, for example, many people like to check the website to see how the place looks, what the menu and prices are, if online reservations are possible, opening and closing times, etc. This is why it’s so important that a business has a website, so that if there’s a question or query from potential customers, they’ll be satisfied and find the answer on the website (it also helps lower the amount of private messages, emails, and phone calls you receive).


Simply to blog!

Lastly, people tend to look for lifehacks, recipe ideas, parenting advice, or whatever else on blogs. If you have real experience in something, writing about it online for all to see is a great venture. If you do it long enough and continue to have a steady stream of monthly readers, you can monetize your blog and earn a living from writing down your thoughts! Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?